Thursday, November 16, 2017

Have a Whimsical Holiday Spectacle at Nuvali's Magical Field of Lights

'Tis the season to celebrate but if you find that you are lacking in your usual holiday spirit, then head out to Nuvali to experience a bit of magic and whimsy. It's also a good excuse to escape the traffic of the city. Nuvali's Magical Field of Lights will actually light up your night in different colors with accompanying musical cheer.

Nothing inter galactic happening here. Just an award-winning light show.

Nuvali's Magical Field of Lights was launched last year. It's the first ever lights and sound show in the country that utilizes an open grass field; an actual football field which is also named The Field in the middle of Nuvali's 2,290 hectares.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

SEAOIL Offers Lifetime Supply of Fuel to Lucky Motorists

SEAOIL, the country’s largest independent fuel player, has launched the first raffle promo of its kind in the Philippines that will be giving four lucky motorists their lifetime supply of SEAOIL fuels.

SEAOIL president for retail business and CFO Mark Yu with SEAOIL senior manager for marketing communications
Rey Jimenez during the media launch of SEAOIL's “Lifetime Free Gas, Oh My Gas!” promo at
The Wellington Centre 32nd & 4th, Bonifacio Global City

We have always stood by the quality and performance of SEAOIL fuels and this is our way of thanking our loyal customers, whom we call SEAOIL Believers, for the trust they have placed in us,” said SEAOIL CEO Glenn Yu.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Vegetarian / Vegan Find: A Healthier Choice at Hap Chan Tea House

Based on experience, the challenge of sticking to a meat-free diet becomes even more difficult when you go out of familiar surroundings.

Chop Suey Guisado Rice Topping on Hap Chan's menu.

The most convenient option is to go into a restaurant and request for vegetarian and vegan options or ask them to veganize your order. Not all restaurants would fulfill this request but I was lucky that Hap Chan Tea House in Eton Centris accommodated me.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Vegetarian Find: Meatless Dishes at Kanin Club

Eating healthy in the city is sometimes a challenge because most restaurants do not offer vegan or vegetarian options on their menu. When my friends and I decided to meet up, I requested that we go to a place with meatless options so we decided to try Kanin Club at UP Ayala Technohub, Diliman.

One of my favorite dishes at Kanin Club. Thai Green Mango Salad.

Our resto of choice did not disappoint. I checked their menu online so I knew what options I had and I decided on a few that I wanted to try out. Luckily, my friends were supportive. They tried the no meat dishes as well and enjoyed them.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

An Afternoon with Flowers at The Sunflower Maze, Pangasinan

Following our stopover at the Our Lady of Manaoag Church, we headed to The Sunflower Maze located at Brgy. C. Lichauco, Tayug, Pangasinan. This is quite a long way from the beach where we came from so that's why we went to the church first.

One of the most picturesque spot in the whole maze.

Even though it was a cloudy afternoon, there was still enough sunlight to take great pictures with the flowers in the maze. I actually didn't explore the whole maze as we just went to and fro hunting for good spots to take pictures. (Of course, more pictures after the jump.)

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