Monday, April 4, 2011

Dinner Date @ BigOli

I'm supposed to be doing something else entirely but I'm upset so I can't work on it at all, not to mention I'm too tired to think straight. But I'm writing this post because I want to end my day with good memories. And one thing that cheers me up is the thought and taste of a pasta dish. 

Ah pasta! It's my go-to food when I'm craving for something but I don't know what. So I'm posting pics of some of my favorite dishes in one of my favorite pasta places - BigOli.

I took these pics when I went to BigOli (twice in a week, I think) with a food-loving friend of mine. The first time we went, I ordered Pork Piccata with Alfredo Sauce.

Looks yummy doens't it? The sauce was really creamy and the piccata was crunchy and not oily at all. I think it was baked so I didn't feel guilty of devouring this protein-heavy meal.

All their piccata dishes are stuffed with ham and creamy cheese (maybe with a little bit of butter) both of which are favorite ingredients of mine. The ham and cheese added a sweet and salty combination that was perfect with the sauce. So the piccata was crispy on the outside but soft and deliciously creamy and tasty inside. The crunchiness and then the creaminess of the stuffing once you bite into it is just so satisfying. I can already taste the crunch in every bite as I write this.

Another favorite of mine which my friend ordered was the Pork Piccata with Marinara Sauce. Delicious!

Oh, and we also noticed a ghostly cow looking at our dinner table. It was more funny-looking than scary though so the cow didn't ruin our meal. I wonder what the cow was doing on the wall in the first place. There was no beef piccata on the menu so the stick-on cow definitely seemed out of place.

On our second dinner date, I ordered another favorite of mine, the Cream Dory Piccata with Lemon Butter and Marinara Sauce. I do love piccata, don't I? It's one of the more affordable dishes in their menu too. :-)

Ain't that delicious? The fish fillet was soft and creamy and not soggy at all. The breadcrumbs made it crispy on the outside and as usual, it wasn't oily. The marinara sauce was really delicious too. I think I'll eat some more of this dish until I can figure out how to do it at home.

My friend ordered this delicious combo: Stromboli with Salad and Minestrone. The stromboli I've tasted before and they're definitely delicious. The minestrone looked very yummy too and my companion confirms it so I'm definitely trying it out next time.

All their dishes have free garlic bread sticks on the side and you can ask for extras too. I usually pair their dishes with Sola iced tea drink as its cheaper than their other beverages. I also find iced tea and orange juice too sweet so that's why I stick to Sola, which isn't as sweet or I just ask for water. But I go here mostly for the food and I can't wait to go back for more eats. :-D

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