Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ms. J and Nigel Barker @ Trinoma

On one of our dinner nights at Trinoma, me and a friend were unintentionally late for dinner because we chanced upon some popular personalities being interviewed in the activity center. This was situated right in the middle of the mall complex so everyone saw what was going on.

Ms. J at Trinoma
Ms. J wore a school-girl skirt which was above the knee with high socks.

We took a look and our eyes were glued for awhile as Ms. J and Nigel Barker of America's Next Top Model strutted their stuff on stage together with 4 lucky audience members who were requested to work the ramp and pose like models. We were grinning all this time and I totally forgot to take pictures of the happening.

Nigel Barker at Trinoma
Nigel Barker looked dashing in his striped suit.

Ms. J and Nigel Barker at Trinoma
The ramp where the 4 lucky audience members strutted their stuff.

Ms. J and Nigel Barker with Event Host
The trio on stage.

The head shots were from the huge LCD TVs on both sides of the stage. We were on the 3rd floor so it was pretty far away from the stage which was on the ground floor. Thank goodness my digital camera has zoom so I was able to take a closer look. Unfortunately, my cellphone conked out on me so I was not able to message my friends about this event.

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