Monday, May 23, 2011

Flavored Yogurt @ Golden Spoon

I love almost anything delicious and healthy; almost because I must admit I am a picky and a moody eater. Luckily, I'm also adventurous even when it comes to food. I'll try something once and even twice if I can take it but if I don't like it then at least I didn't deprive myself from tasting what could be a potentially delicious food treat.

Now yogurt is definitely healthy and delicious especially with the various toppings you could pile on it. Me and my yogurt-loving friend (well most of my friends like it actually) went to the mall one day and after a lot of walking and window shopping, we decided to snack on this cool treat.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bonsai Sighting

A friend and I meet up one weekend to try out some mineral make-up. I had recommended a brand to her and she wanted to try it out. She's still trying it out for now, so I'll post more on that as soon as I have updates from her.

What I want to show are the bonsais we saw at SM North EDSA. We went there for some snacks after buying some MMU (mineral make-up) and when we got there, all these bonsais were on display.