Monday, May 23, 2011

Flavored Yogurt @ Golden Spoon

I love almost anything delicious and healthy; almost because I must admit I am a picky and a moody eater. Luckily, I'm also adventurous even when it comes to food. I'll try something once and even twice if I can take it but if I don't like it then at least I didn't deprive myself from tasting what could be a potentially delicious food treat.

Now yogurt is definitely healthy and delicious especially with the various toppings you could pile on it. Me and my yogurt-loving friend (well most of my friends like it actually) went to the mall one day and after a lot of walking and window shopping, we decided to snack on this cool treat.

She introduced me to Golden Spoon, a new yogurt place in Trinoma. The difference in their yogurt is that theirs is already flavored but they still had toppings like the other yogurt places. Their yogurt bar (as I like to call it) is neatly arranged too.

One of their most memorable flavors was Butternut which I tried and topped it with some berries.

Here's my friend's order. I don't remember what flavor she got but she has a sweet tooth so she got all the sweet toppings.

Our yogurt delights combined. Don't they just look delicious? And yes, their spoons are in a gold color but they are made of plastic. :-) You can't see it clearly in the picture though.

Oh yes, I also got myself a loyalty card, which means I will definitely be coming back here soon to fill-out this card. It's a nice marketing ploy I know but the card also looks cute and the yogurt is tasty so why not succumb?

What's your favorite yogurt place?

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