Monday, July 18, 2011

Onion Rings and a Burger in Place of Transformers

We were sure there was going to be long lines to the cinemas for Transformers. After all, the movie was a popular franchise and it was the weekend. So with our patience ready, we went in line and waited for our turn.

Turns out, there were no more tickets for the earlier schedules and the only schedule available was at 11PM. No way were we going to wait the whole night to get our turn to enjoy this movie. So we decided to find something else to do and when you're in a mall going on a food trip is a natural alternative.

Of course, by food trip, we didn't mean just one food in particular but whatever struck our fancy at the moment or wherever we haven't eaten yet as long as the menu looked delicious and the price was inviting and affordable enough for our wallets.

Our tour of the various food places was quickly turning into frustration as they too were filled with people with no signs of free seats anywhere. We decide to go into Burger King because the thought of onion rings lured me in. So one of us lined up to get our orders while I busied myself trying to find somewhere to sit. Luckily, my patience paid off and so we got to enjoy our burgers and of course, our onion rings and fries. Just look at how yummy this is after a long walk to find food in a mall, which made us really hungry.

After all that walking, seeing this treat made me think that I so deserved this. It also made me realize how much I miss my onion rings and now they're right here in front of me (sigh with a big smile on my face) ready to be savored to the tiniest, delicious morsel.

Look at that crunchy breading and just imagine the mild spiciness when you bite into the onion inside. So yummy! I was surprised to learn before that the onion rings were marinated in skim milk overnight before being dipped in the batter to be fried. This thought just made the onion rings even more yummy in my mind.

Look at the melted cheese, those tender mushrooms in a soft bun with sesame seeds sprinkled on top. I didn't realize how much I missed the combination of cheese and mushroom. The next thing I want to take a bite of is Wendy's Bacon Mushroom Melt. But this has bacon too so it filled me up quite well.

After this delicious meal and some more walking around, I was ready for desert. By this time, Transformers was so far out of my mind. I guess Shia Lebouf isn't as yummy as these food treats after all.

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