Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Night Out @ Gerry's Grill - Congressional

I seldom get to go out to eating places that are not near my travel route or not inside a mall. So when we we're invited to a free dinner at Gerry's Grill, I gladly obliged.

I didn't regret the decision as our little party enjoyed a lot of laughs over some delicious food. And since this blog is mostly about food, here are some of the yummy things we stuffed ourselves with from the menu.

Above image display remnants of the Crispy Sisig. It was very flavorful albeit on the dry side but the crispiness was just right. The addition of diced onions and freshly squeezed calamansi added some kick to this dish which also served to take away the oiliness so you don't get tired of the sisig taste.

This one, named Dynamita is a winner. Cheese-lover that I am, this big green chili stuffed with cheese and wrapped in another layer of crispy goodness was quite satisfying. We loved how the melted cheese oozed out of the chili with every bite. Totally finger-lickin' good. I'd definitely order this when I get the chance to visit here again or another of their branches.

For the health conscious in us, Chopsuey is always a staple order and in this instance, a welcome treat from all the other greasy fare on the table. The veggies were cooked just right and remained firm to the bite. I didn't like the onions much but the rest of the veggies were enveloped in a flavorful sauce which made me lose hesitation in biting into them. I'm not very fond of veggies you see, but this version of the Chopsuey does make me love veggies, even if for just one night.

More greasiness comes along but it was delicious too. This platter of Chicharon was accompanied with a dip of white vinegar which really cut through the oily taste but enhanced the meaty flavor. I don't remember if we ordered this after the meal or if it was there before but I just didn't notice it. I do remember that I ate like it was desert since I had it after my meal.

The salty and crunchy Chicharon and the sour and spicy vinegar made an interesting combination that made you want to taste it some more. I'm afraid I found it hard to control myself from taking just another taste of this even while I was thinking of all the fat I'm chewing.

Obviously, I was satisfied with what I had for dinner and my companions were too. I'm definitely coming back here or visit one of their branches to taste some more of their other menu items. And I absolutely must order one of those Dynamitas again. They're a must-try for cheese monsters like me or if you just want to eat a flavorful but light meal or if you just want pica-pica. The Dynamitas are quite big so you won't feel cheated on but you'll surely be craving for more.

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