Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Spam & Eggs Breakfast

I'm a busy, busy girl and sometimes breakfast becomes a luxury only rarely indulged. I know this is not good for my health, so one time, I decided to indulge for my breakfast by adding something I've been craving for on my grocery list: SPAM. This is delicious and expensive so it was indeed an indulgence for me.

The next morning, I could not wait to taste my slice of spam and of course my other favorite, scrambled eggs. I fried and I assembled my breakfast with gusto. Luckily, I had enough self-control to snap a picture before I devoured it. Here's my reason for drooling that morning.

Freshly cooked rice, crunchy spam and scrambled eggs with melted cheese and a dollop of my favorite tomato ketchup really makes for a hearty breakfast and an energetic morning. This also proves that one really has to create one's own motivation to do the stuff that needs to be done but which keeps being pushed aside for other priorities, like eating breakfast. 

This breakfast isn't too healthy either but at least I'm on my way to making and eating breakfast again. I don't forget it, I just can't seem to find enough time to cook and eat in the morning when I'm hurrying up for work. It becomes a choice between taking a bath or cooking my food. I do try to eat healthier food when I have the time to cook, but when in a hurry, I need something fast and easy.

Sometimes, when I have cooked my food, I don't have the time to eat it. So unless, it's something this delicious and easy to cook, breakfast will remain an indulgence for me. This means it's time to think up another breakfast-inspiring ingredient or easy to cook recipe to try out so I will feel excited and compelled to prepare and eat breakfast. 

What's your breakfast inspiration?

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