Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What Are You Craving For?

Sometimes, I'm craving for something but I can't quite decide just what I want. I have all these thoughts of different food and their tastes in my mind but I can't choose just one.

Source: Passport to Dining

The next one seems as good as the next after it or the one before it. Plus, the inventory seems to be endless so I just stop and think of other stuff for a while and concentrate on something like this video.

I don't know if this helped my decision-making process at all as I still didn't have anything in particular in mind after watching this but it did distract me enough to appreciate even more food choices.

I did decide on at least two things: one, that I want to cook something delicious this weekend and two, that I want to invent another grilled cheese sandwich that's really different than the one I did before. See? Nothing specific, not even ingredients but at least I've come up with a plan, sort of.

One definite decision I do have after this little inspiration is that I absolutely have to travel somewhere new and experience a food trip that I will definitely take pictures of. So I guess that's what I'm truly craving for right now. Well, I'll just let things fall into place and see where my feet and stomach take me. ☺

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