Sunday, November 27, 2011

Giga Nature's Therapy - Scalp Treatment

Hectic work days are upon me once again (not that it's a rare phenomenon in my line of work) so that's why I've been out of commission on maintaining this blog. But I'm determined to get back to writing and sharing some of the things I've tried that may benefit my friends and readers of this blog. So of course, a review of the products I've tried, tested, and now love (or disliked) will be part of this blog of mine.

The cold weather has me suffering from a dry scalp which is annoyingly itchy at times. This also causes dandruff in some areas which is a very unpleasant thing to deal with. So I made my rounds of stores that sold organic products and I found the Giga store in SM North EDSA Annex. I looked at their products and I found this one with a name that promised to be the solution to my scalp issues.

It's the All Natural & Herbal Scalp Treatment from Giga. This one is from their Nature's Therapy line. It comes in only one size which is about 200 grams and for the price (P165 if I remember correctly), I thought it was pretty cheap and I didn't hesitate to try it out since all the ingredients were natural. Here's a look at the back of the tub with instructions on how to use it and the list of ingredients.

Reading the list of ingredients made me feel really eager to try out this product and the instructions were pretty simple to follow. Good thing the container is recyclable too. So what did it look like inside? I don't think I can describe the color adequately or accurately so here's a shot of it instead.

The smell is very soothing too. You can definitely smell the eucalyptus and the peppermint but you're not overwhelmed with the smell  like you do with other eucalyptus-based or peppermint-based products. The refreshing smell of tea tree and the soothing smell of lemongrass and ginger toned down the peppermint and eucalyptus. I would say it smelled like a very toned-down version of cold rubs (think Vick's Vaporub) but that would be unfair because I actually liked smelling this one and it smelled more therapeutic than medicinal to me. 

Well enough about the smell, let's get on to the texture. Since the instructions said to use sparingly, I swiped a thin layer of it on my fingers and the balm (I don't know how else to call it) instantly melted into a thin gel-like consistency, almost like oil but not as runny and the color turned clear. This little experiment definitely proves the presence of virgin coconut oil. The consistency made rubbing on to my scalp pretty easy too.

So did it work? Definitely! I'm loving it in fact. The smell makes you love the ritual of rubbing in the stuff before you shampoo. You just have to make sure to rinse really well so you don't end up with limp, oily-looking hair. Once you rub it in, it feels very refreshing to the scalp. You get the same menthol-like, cooling effect as anti-dandruff shampoos but without the chemicals. You can also rub a thin layer of it to your strands while still damp as leave-on conditioner.

I found out however that even natural products have a side-effect if you don't follow instructions. I was told that I should only use it twice a week at the most. But I was so addicted that I used it 3 days in a row, then I forgot about it the 4th day and then used it again 3 days in a row. The result was I got itchy scalp but not from dryness or dandruff. 

This was so effective I actually had short hairs growing on my head. If you use it regularly it can stimulate the growth of new hair by waking up your sleeping hair follicles. It's actually recommended for individuals with bald spots or with hair thinning problems. 

Well, I've always wanted thicker hair but I'm not sure this is how I wanted to go about it. Still, I'm loving this product so I guess I can deal with a few clumps of rebellious new hair. They'll grow longer eventually so I'm content with the thought that thicker hair is just a few more hair strands away.


  1. I like all the GIGA products that I've tried. Try Human Heart Nature products din if you want to go organic. A lot of what I use are from HHN... not so expensive pa!

  2. I also love HHN, in fact, I'm a dealer, though not a very active one. :-)

  3. i love all the Giga products i've tried. i love the peppermint-ginger massage rub, it relieves me & my husband of headache & muscle pains. i'm especially loving the body oil with shea butter that i'm using right now. i apply it immediately after taking a bath while dripping wet & then pat-dry my skin with towel. so love the scent too! i'm using it as an alternative to lotion & i noticed that my skin doesn't dry up, it stays hydrated for the rest of the day. the oil gets easily absorbed unlike with commercial baby oils.

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  5. This product is rather too oily to rinse off. I used natural based shampoo ( no paraben and no sulfate) and washed my hair 5 times! After my 5th (failed) attempt, I used a chemical-based shampoo twice. I also read and followed the instruction before using this product. Quite disappointing...:(

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