Thursday, December 1, 2011

KFC Supreme Bowl: Chicken Ala King

Attending a meeting that takes over your break time leaves one very ravenous and craving for something delicious and filling. Unfortunately for me, my desires remain unfulfilled so I can only be content with whatever I had for dinner and figure out how to curb my cravings. I think writing a post about it might help, so here goes.

This is what I've been craving for. Actually, it's become one of my KFC favorites ever since I tasted it when it was newly offered.

The Chicken Ala King Supreme Bowl (P100 with regular drink) tastes as satisfying as it looks and it comes in a large serving too. As it says in their website this bowl has:
"2 Original Recipe fillets topped with mushroom sauce all over steaming white rice and sided with corn and a regular drink." 
Sounds delicious right? It really is and it's pretty filling as well. Their mushroom soup is one of my old favorites and the mushroom sauce in this dish is really tasty, not thick like gravy and not too thin like the soup.

As you can see from the picture, it has carrots and some herbs (the bits of green which I cannot guess what, shame on me) which gives it a different flavor than the usual mushroom sauce or gravy. It's thin enough to coat all the chicken pieces even after you've divided the chicken into smaller bite-sizes. There's still enough afterwards to drip into the warm rice underneath which is quite a tasty treat too.

The chicken itself is already flavorful and the mushroom sauce just enhances the flavor. However, being a fast food fare, the chicken can be on the dry side so the sauce is really a great addition.

I thought the addition of corn was rather odd at first but it does work to refresh your taste buds from the strong flavor of the chicken and the saltiness of the sauce. Couple this with a regular drink, which this meal has, and lunch is satisfied.

Now I know this isn't exactly healthy eating so I usually devour this when I have to "destress" (which is another story). For now, sharing what I want to eat is my way of destressing but I'll definitely find a way to satisfy this craving soon.

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