Saturday, January 14, 2012

Yogurt Delights from Hacienda Macalawan

Update: It's been a pretty busy week (I know it's always my excuse, but it really was extra busy this week!) so I haven't gotten around to posting anything. But here's me trying to make up for it with this post, and maybe another one tomorrow. We'll see. :-)

Most people want a sweet dessert after their meal. I appreciate dessert too but I can't say I have an active sweet tooth. I found out however, that I love yogurt and yogurt shakes the first time I tasted one in a Persian restaurant and I've been craving for them ever since.

Of course, one more thing I like about yogurt is that it's healthy and what's more healthier than live yoghurt? I won't confuse you with the details. Just think of it as your regular Yakult with those live microorganisms that are healthy for your digestive system except this tastes better.

I've been looking and trying out various yogurt brands but none of them really satisfied my taste buds. They're either too sweet or too sour and some tasted like spoiled milk or cream. So I was more than happy to try out something new last month (Yikes! That's like a year ago.) and I decided to try out all the flavors as well.

This was my flavorful dessert last December and I'm not regretting getting them all. These are from Hacienda Macalawan. These have just the right tangy sweetness and saltiness. Some yogurt brands, especially the flavored ones, tend to taste like the fruit flavor instead of tasting like yogurt. This one doesn't taste like that and I personally wanted to have some more after tasting my first one.

The first one I tasted was the Nata de Coco and I loved that I still got to taste the creamy, yogurt part and the nata de coco bits instead of the whole thing tasting like blended nata de coco. I tasted the mango-flavored one the next day and I was satisfied with it as well.

It wasn't only dessert where I enjoyed these. I also added the nata de coco variant to my ground beef tortilla wrap as a sauce and it was mighty delicious. Even my grandmother couldn't stop taking a bite and she doesn't have teeth! (Love you grandma. ♥♥♥) Seriously, that's how tasty this was.

That's why I'm excited to buy more of these the next time I visit the grocery. In fact, maybe I'll hoard because I'm sure my family members won't be able to take their hands off any of these once they taste them. So for now, I'm keeping them to myself.


  1. Where's that available? I love yoghurt too!

  2. I bought this at SM Hypermart sa The Block, SM North EDSA. I think mga 21 - 25 pesos each depending on the flavor.