Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Finding Motivation

Haven't written for a long time because I could not find the time. But that's going to change soon. I've been trying to find a new direction in life recently as I'd grown quite restless with my current situation.

Image Source: motivateplay

I don't know what you would call this at this point in life because I'm not in the mid-life crisis stage yet but I'm happy to report that sunshine is filtering through the cloud of confusion one bright and warm beam at a time. So for now, I want to share with you some inspiring words from Mr. Will Smith himself.

I accidentally found this video on YouTube while searching for something interesting to watch as I was trying to cue myself of sleeplessness: read - insomnia. It didn't make me fall asleep, in fact, it woke me up and not just physically too. It sort of jolted some realizations into my sleeping senses and I now I can't help but share it. I hope it gives you something to ponder on too or at least make you realize something positive.

Here's hoping it made an impact, or even just a little dent in your consciousness tonight. I wonder whether it's a coincidence or the universe showing me a sign of sorts that's why I found this video. Either way, I am grateful that one man's enthusiasm and passion about his work and life has caused me to rekindle the flames of my almost forgotten dreams.

Now that I've shared this, I'm going to sleep now with a smile on my face and actually looking forward to a more positive tomorrow. Goodnight world and sweet dreams! :-)

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  1. Hi, Jean! Good to know you have new found motivation. Cheers!