Friday, September 14, 2012

Sweet Treats with Friends

Just went through my archive of pictures and I found that I have had a lot of opportunities to indulge in sweets during foodie time with friends. I'm not such a sucker for sweets.

I've never really had a sweet tooth but I do recall finishing off a whole tablespoon of white sugar as dessert when I was a child.

When I heard about diabetes however, I got scared and cut off that bad habit instantly. But I still do indulge in sweets once in a while just not in the form of pure sugar.

Like the subtle sweetness of churros dipped in thick, dark chocolate. I don't remember how much this serving costs but we enjoyed this treat as an afternoon snack from Sancho's in UP Village.

Cakes are also very much appreciated especially the ones with different flavors. For example, I recently enjoyed a night cap with a friend. We had not seen each other for quite some time and so the conversation went on and on as we enjoyed our cake and warm drink until we realized the mall was closing down.

The treat that accompanied our reunion conversation was the sansrival cake from The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf while my drink was a cup of their heart-warming Double Chocolate Latte.

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is usually a go-to place for me and my friends. So, with another friend I also got to enjoy another cake treat from them after watching some silent films. It was an enjoyable experience because the films were accompanied by a live band so it wasn't as boring as it sounds.

Unfortunately, I forgot the name of this cake but I liked the fact that I was tasting 3 cake flavors in each bite. The top looks burned but it's not at all. This wasn't so sweet and we did finish it off rather quickly because the whole thing was delicious and as usual we were pressed for time to get home before the clock strikes midnight.

I'm sure there must be more sweet stuff in my albums but for now, I think these are enough to fill your whole day with the mouth-watering images of sweet treats. :-)


  1. My friends and I tried the churros-all-you-can pero sobrang naumay kami! I don't think I'll be eating churros again anytime soon haha. Visit me here sa Eastwood!

    1. hahaha, churros overload! Sige will visit you there one of these days. Will text you. :-)

    2. Masuka-suka na kami by the second round. Ugh haha. Sige see you soon!