Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fruit Magic Vegetarian Pizza and Smoothie Combo

Running errands in the middle of the hot afternoon sun can be quite exhausting and makes one really go hungry. So after making my round of errands, I was looking for a mall to get into for some air conditioning and some snacks.

Shopwise branch near the area was a welcome sight and I was happy to just browse around the grocery store as I enjoyed the cooler air. After getting some respite from the heat, I had to satisfy my hunger next.

I looked around for some healthy and hopefully, affordable, foodie treats and Fruit Magic was the only one there I can consider healthy although a bit pricey. I didn't want to eat the usual fast food fare so I had no other choice. The colorful menus and displays were also very colorful so in I walked.

Fruit Magic offers fresh fruit smoothies and shakes and even customized ones with wheat grass and other healthy stuff but I was glad to see that they also offered healthier versions of fast food regulars such as the always favorite pizza and pastas too. So here's a snapshot of my fare for the afternoon before I finished them off.

Of course, I headed straight for the pizza choices. The pizza crust is actually Mexican flour tortilla and can be made in 10 minutes. I like thin crust pizzas and a tortilla one just lured me in even more. The choices for the pizza were Vegetarian, Cheesy Garlic, Mexican, All Meat and Philly for P95.00 each.

Since I was in the mood for something healthy, I choose the Vegetarian pizza. The toppings consisted of pizza sauce, tomato, onion, bell pepper, mushroom, Italian seasoning, cheddar cheese, black olives pitted and mozzarella cheese. Being a cheese-lover, the double dose of cheese made me even happier. So after 10 minutes, I was finally able to take my first bite but not before I snapped a picture.

With all the cheese on top, it didn't look vegetarian at all but at this point, I was very hungry and all alone with no one to argue with so I took out my first slice, took the first bite and made pizza history in less time than it took for them to make the thing.

Was it worth the wait? Well, caloric-wise, I would say no. The only vegetarian thing about it are the veggies of course but it tasted like every other pizza you could get from fast-food places. I liked the fact that it was made of tortilla though and it was heated just right so that the tortilla crust wasn't burned or too soggy to hold all the ingredients. In short, it didn't taste extraordinary but it did fill me up.

However, since Fruit Magic's specialty are their fresh fruit smoothies, I am happy to say that the pizza was not so disappointing after I tasted a new smoothie combination that was recommended by the store staff. It was the combination of apple, pineapple and ripe mango and it was heavenly (which made me forget the price, sorry).

The combined smells of the three fruits just made the smoothie all the more tastier and the sweetness of the three fruits made a delicious combination that was not too sweet at all. So I was enjoying the aroma of these fruits while sipping them and getting a natural sugar high. It was an energizing treat! So from now on, this is going to be my new default combination for smoothies when I don't know what to choose.

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