Thursday, October 25, 2012

Late Dinner @ Sancho

A month ago, a friend and me attended our guild's general assembly. It was a fun meeting and we even won prizes.

After the event, we decided to get dinner in one of our favorite foodie places - Sancho in Teacher's Village. We like that the small resto is convenient and has a cozy atmosphere especially on rainy nights and the food is delicious and affordable.

One of our staple favorites on their menu is their Nachos with cheese (P100.00) or with garlic salsa (P110.00) dip. I always get the two dips because both are delicious. Aside from that, it's like a nachos-all-you-can feast whenever we order this item and the serving seems to be made for two because the nachos are large and the serving itself is large. Just take a look!

You really have to share this with someone because after a while, your jaws grow tired from chewing on all the nachos. :-)

On the other hand, my friend ordered the Pescado a la Muniere (P180.00). This was fish fillet with capers in the sauce served with rice and buttered corn and carrots on the side. Maybe it was the light or maybe it was because it was late at night but at first look it didn't look to tasty to me. It looked oily and the green of the capers made the fillet look like it was coated in seaweeds. But it was fish and it was fillet and I was a foodie so I believed my friend when she said it tasted good and helped myself to a taste as well.

I was surprised that it did taste good. The capers gave it a salty, tangy kick that you didn't mind the oiliness of the fish because the oil was flavored with the capers too. Of course, the fish was soft and with the sauce, it was melt-in-your-mouth goodness. This was like lemon butter fish but done with capers instead of lemons and I loved it!

Had it not been for the amount of nachos I have yet to gobble up, I would have ordered myself the fish as well. But my budget was spent and I do love my nachos, so I decided to try it for myself some other time. Now, all I need is to go out and get this treat for myself. I might try whipping this up at home too.

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