Thursday, May 16, 2013

Enjoying a Tea Party @ Super Duck Modern Tea

We recently had a taste of a milk tea place that was new to us. We always like trying out something new so an invitation from a friend to this milk tea place was a welcome opportunity.

Wintermelon Kumquat Tea and Orange Grapefruit Tea

The place was named Super Duck Modern Tea and we learned from the owner that this was a franchise from a popular chain in Taiwan. All their ingredients are from there too so you can be assured that everything tastes authentic. However, the test is on the tea and so we we're given different tea's to intrigue our palates.

So here's a sample of the entrees for our impromptu tea party.

The Wintermelon Kumquat Tea looks intriguing and taste the same too. The seeds floating on top are very soft and chewy. Coupled with the subtle sweetness of this tea, you'll surely want more.

On the other hand, the Orange Grapefruit Tea was more on the sour side but the sweetness of the orange was still there. This is a refreshing combination too which I've never seen in the menu of other milk tea places.

The Milk Tea with No Name Yet and Lychee Green Tea

The Milk Tea with No Name Yet didn't have a name at the time but it had black sesame seeds and black pearl  and of course, black tea so we suggested calling it Triple Black. This was more on the sweet side but again in a subtle way because you can still taste the black tea. They might already have a name for this when they offer it on the menu soon.

The Lychee Green Tea tasted healthy because when I took a sip of this, I imagine myself sipping green juice but this definitely tasted more delicious.

Bailey's Milk Tea? This one was really a surprise. I just tasted a hint of rhum and it was indeed Bailey's. Now I know where to get my favorite bar drink without getting a hang over. :-)

French Rose

For those who love a touch of elegance even in their tea, then the French Rose Tea was made just for you. The hint of rose as you take a sip is very elegant indeed. Plus, it's made from real rose petals crushed into powder and then made into your milk tea. Now just raise your little finger as you sip this to complete the elegant vibe.

French Rose and Bailey's

Shrooms and V Chzdog N Fries

To accompany your tea, there were munchies available too. The Shrooms tasted like spicy squid. I might actually order this instead of the actual thing. The Vegetarian Chzdog coupled with the flavored Fries was also a perfect side to any order of tea. By the way, they're under Quackers on the menu.

Pineapple Asparagus

Want something tropical and healthy? Try out the Pineapple Asparagus combination and you'll never look at pineapple and asparagus the same way again. This is refreshingly healthy, you'll want to order more.

Plain Green Tea

If you're the type who only wants the original and the basic taste of green tea then the Plain Green Tea is for you. Just the clean taste of green tea to cleanse your palate after devouring their Quackers.

From Left to Right, Top to Bottom:Roasted Matcha with Brown Rice, Lychee Green Tea,
The Milk Tea with No Name Yet and Wintermelo Kumquat
Roasted Matcha with Brown Rice

Another healthy treat! The Roasted Matcha with Brown Rice has a creamy texture and the smell of roasted matcha just whets your appetite even more. One of my companions likens it to eating pinipig with milk. Well, that sounds quite delicious to me.

Bottoms Up!

I must say everything tasted refreshing when compared to other milk tea places. The owner served the teas himself and was very knowledgeable about his products. He is even inventing new flavors to satisfy his customers. Perhaps one ingredient that made all the teas taste so delicious was his dedication to creating the best teas and his love of teas too.

Plus, the owner made sure that the serving size of his teas was satisfactory for the price. They have bigger sizes than other milk tea places so milk tea lovers will surely have their fill of their favorite teas at reasonable prices.

But even if everything satisfied my tastebuds, I do have some favorites and I'll be going back to taste them again when I visit Super Duck.

Super Duck Modern Tea
Unit 111 A and B,
AIC BURGUNDY Empire Tower,
Garnet st. corner ADB avenue,
Ortigas, Pasig City

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Photos courtesy of Aldous.

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