Sunday, May 19, 2013

Levante Food Market @ Eastwood City Walk - Part 1

Food tripping is always on our itinerary these days so we couldn't miss the launch of Levante, the food market at Eastwood City Walk, Libis, Quezon City last Friday.

L-R: Boxes and Dig Deep Cups from Twisted Desserts

Since it's my first event to attend as an official blogger, me and my friend came early to check out the activities. I guess we were too early because there were only a few people milling around the food stalls and not many vendors had started cooking away yet. The upside to all this was, we had more time to take pictures so snap away we did!

There were about 30 vendors present that night and as it was hot and humid, it was a struggle to walk around once people started coming in to look for food. But there we're so many choices that we weren't able to get a taste of the other vendor's food offers or event take pictures of all of their food offerings. We didn't regret that though because our eyes were already full from the feast spread around us.

So, since there were so many vendors, I'll just have to take on our food market journey several vendors at a time so as not to overwhelm you with the delicious foodie treats you're about to see. Ready? Here we go.

Twisted Desserts puts a little twist to its dessert with cheesecake as filling for their cakes. They also have cupcakes.

We sampled their 3KCarrot  and S'monsters which we're both satisfying. The 3K Carrot has walnuts to top it off. As you can see from the picture, the layers of cream cheese are just beckoning for your spoon to dig in.

The S'monster is a Belgian chocolate brownie which tasted really decadent. What I liked about it was that the chocolate didn't taste too sweet. They had other types of cakes aside from these two.

Of course, the most striking thing about their store are the Dig Deep Cups which are quite convenient instead of having to carefully go around carrying your slice of cake. The cups displayed the cake layers nicely while giving you a secure hold for taking your cake with you.

I couldn't resist the 3K Carrot cake so I got myself one for dessert after making the rounds of the other vendors' stalls. It was a twistedly delicious treat indeed!

Want more sweet treats? From cakes in a cup, let's go next to the big cakes.

Cakes by K

My pick of the most delicious-looking cakes and goodies on their table.

 If you want a taste of cake or take home a whole cake of Devil's Food Cake, Cheese Cake and other pastries, then look for Cakes by K's stall at Levante. You won't miss it with all the picture-perfect cakes all lined up for you to see. Although, selecting one can be quite a taxing job once you see all your choices.

Now on to some popular savory treats. First, let's take a look at this curious motto from Cheat Day by Ean's Grilled Burgers. This is a new burger experiment of the owner who also owns Big Bob's Burger at Mezza Norte in Trinoma.

Cheat Day Burgers by Ean's Grilled Burgers

 Well, not a very good motto especially for people watching their waistlines but a great one for burger lovers. So how does this new burger experiment stack up to other burgers?

The Cheat Day Burger

 The Cheat Day Burger consists of 1/3lbs. of beef patty stuffed with mozzarella and cheddar cheese. Now I'm not much of a burger fan but cheese makes things more irresistible to me (not all the time though). So, I took one bite of this ordinary looking burger with the cheese-filled patty and I am now a fan, of this particular burger at least.

The owner, Mr. Ean Cuenco tells us that making different kinds of burgers is his hobby. I wonder what wonderful flavors he will come up with next.

Next up are hotdogs in buns.

Schmidt's Gourmet Hotdogs
Their best sellers on the posters looked really delicious. We couldn't get to taste it though as we we're already full but it seems to be popular among the crowd because I saw lots of people savoring their hotdog sandwiches.

Schmidt's Gourmet Hotdogs Price List

 We'll have to check out their hotdog sandwiches one of these days to see if the price is worth it.

This is it for now and if you find something you want to taste, then just go to the Levante Food Market which opens at 6PM every Friday.

Next post, we'll tackle offerings for main courses. There will be so many too so I'll ready my eyes and my stomach again. Have a delicious day everyone!


  1. In behalf of Twisted Desserts, thank you very much for including us in this blog entry. We appreciate it! We love how you used "TWISTEDLY DELICIOUS" to describe our 3K "Karrot" DigDeepCup. I hope you won't mind if we use that line for our future ads. Visit us again at the Levante! :)

    1. You're very much welcome. Thank you for creating such wonderful-tasting desserts and for visiting my blog and sharing this post. I really enjoyed my cake. Looking forward to more "twistedly delicious" desserts from you guys.:-)

  2. I wanna try the burger! But probably without the bun para healthier :)