Sunday, May 26, 2013

Levante Food Market @ Eastwood City Walk - Part 2

Still on the Levante Food Market, more food treats ahead. This time we're going to explore the vendors who offer us main dishes in different varieties.

Maria's Ilocos Empanada

But first off, we talked to Hazel, the owner of Maria's Ilocos Empanada. They offer one of my grandmother's favorite kitchen staple, the Sukang Iloko as well as other Ilocano treats like Sweet Potato Chips.

Of course, their most famous food treat is the Ilocos Empanada, but unfortunately, it was still a bit early when we passed by their booth so they weren't cooking yet. But we will definitely come back for an order when we come back.

Next, we took a bite of Roasterrific's lechon varieties. They offered Herbalicious Lechon and "Peking" Style Roasted Chicken that you can dip in Vinegar, Mild Spicy and Extra Spicy sauce. We tasted a bit of each and I dipped mine in the Mild Spicy sauce. It was a different taste from your usual lechon and I think a lot of people looking for new lechon experiences would love this.

Roasterrific lechon and their different dips

Roasterrific Rice Meals

Of course, one of our favorite food treats was also there - different sisig varieties from Dad's Mom's also known as Chef Baba Sisig. Their food offerings include 8 kinds of sisig from meat to vegetarian. Just take a look at how drool-worthy each one looks. Yum!

Dad's Mom's sisig treats

More sisig treats from Dad's Mom's

Next up, some seafood treats and more from Hok Luk Seu Foods. They had Fresh Chinese Lumpia and other variety of Chinese cuisine as well as international ones. For example, we had a taste of their Chicken Galantina and we would love to come back for more.

Hok Luk Seo Foods and their Chinese cuisine

Hok Luk Seu Foods and their international cuisine

For some mongolian eats, we headed to the booth of Isa's Mongolian where a variety of beef and chicken kebab as well as pork and chicken isaw and other treats were offered. They look very appetizing too! We saw lots of people lining up for this one.

Isa's Mongolian beef and chicken kebab

Some of the other tasty-looking treats from Isa's Mongolian

For streetfood treats, there's Mamay's Ihaw-Ihaw. Go early and pick your favorites because the lines are long for this one.

Mamay's Ihaw-Ihaw

If you're like me who sometimes craves for breakfast at any time of the day other than breakfast, then Sinangag Trip is the right booth to head straight to. Breakfast favorites such as Tocilog, Longsilog and sandwiches are available here even at midnight. And just look at their sandwich ingredients!

Sinangag Trip breakfast offers

We got a taste of their sinangag breakfast with longaniza and egg and the sinangag was already so tasty, I could have finished it by itself.

Ingredients for sandwiches from Sinangag Trip

Want more food trips? Then head straight to the booth of Edgy's Foodtrip for more food adventures. They offer different international style cuisine such as Baby Back Ribs, Korean Beef, Garlic Chicken, Peking Chicken and many more.

Chicken treats from Edgy's Foodtrip

More treats on the menu of Edgy's Foodtrip

If you and your friends love chicken, then you'll definitely enjoy the different twist on buffalo wings by B Wings. We sampled their buffalo wings and the skin of the chicken was crispy and sour, not your regular chicken flavor. The sourness was supposed to whet your appetite before you even dip the chicken in the sauce.

B Wings Buffalo Wings with a twist

They also have different sauces for their buffalo wings which have different levels of spiciness. Well, I'm not too much a fan of spicy food but I did enjoy the sour twist to the regular buffalo wings and will be recommending this to my spicy-food-loving friends. 

B Wings and their different buffalo wings

For pasta and pizza lovers, there's Chicago Pizza with their Deep Dish Pizza.Don't be overwhelmed with the size of their pizza's as one slice is good for sharing.

Chicago Pizza in their big and deep pans

If you can't handle the pizzas or if you just want more pasta, then you can also check out their tasty pasty offers.

Pasta treats from Chicago Pizza

Well, that covers most of the big foodie treats for main courses. Next post, we'll talk about meat, different kinds of meat offers, and fish as well. Happy eating!

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