Sunday, May 26, 2013

Levante Food Market @ Eastwood City Walk - Part 3

If you want to put a twist to your home cooked meals, then Levante also has vendors who offers new food experiences that you and your family can enjoy at home. Here are just some of them.

Juana Bowl Salmon and Rib Eye Steak

Juana Bowl offers US Rib Eye Steak and Norwegian Pink Salmon among others. These would definitely be eye-catching once on the table.

Prime meat from Juana Bowl

Carlo's Kitchen also offers their famous crunchy belly, t-bone steak and many more. The crunchy belly, was definitely crunchy and tasty. It's like the cripy version of liempo with more meat.

Carlo's Kitchen T-bone Steak

Carlo's Kitchen Crunchy Belly

Finally, there was Manila Q with delicious meat varieties that I want to try. Their products include Bagwang, Spicy Vigan Type Longganisa, Fish Ham and many more.

So what is Bagwang? Well, to me it tasted like bacon but more on the salty side. It's like salted fish except it's meat and it's like strips of bacon except its thicker. Why not try it out yourself? I really want to take home some of their Bagwang and try out their Fish Ham as well.

Sisig, Fried Fish Ham and Spicy Vigan Longganisa from Manila Q

Manila Q's Meat Offers

Manila Q's Tasty Bagwang

Moms and dads will surely have new treats to offer on the family table with these products. If your planning to take home some of these products to cook for dinner, then make sure to bring your eco bag.

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