Sunday, September 1, 2013

Fun and Breezy Ambiance + Good Food at Mang Inato, Palawan

My friend and me recently went on a business trip to Puerto Princesa, Palawan. Since it was work-related, we really didn't have much time, or the budget, to go around and explore the popular tourist sites. But we did get a chance to check out some not-so-known food places that was a good break from the hotel food and fast food items we've been gobbling up for 3 weeks. (How we survived that? Well we had to, but that's another story.)

The interesting entrance to Mang Inato.

 It was our last day at Palawan and we thought we'd go home with absolutely no new food places to enjoy in this place far from home. Our chattiness has served us lots of times in the past and it got us some answers this time too.

We complained that we haven't been to any delicious food places near our hotel since we arrived so we asked for suggestions from almost everyone we met that day. We got vague answers at first but we finally pieced together an itinerary for a food trip that very same day.

So in between the difficulty of vague names and directions and the difficulty of travelling with Palawan's unpredictable weather at this time of year, we safely arrived at our first destination - Mang Inato.

We had passed by it and had to take a U-Turn in our tricycle. It was hidden from view but if you are on the right side of the 4-lane highway, then you won't miss the interesting entrance to the resto.

When we go thru the gate, we are greeted by an even more quaint interior. An inviting bench awaited us at the corner and we would have sat down except there were more interesting things to take pictures of.

The waiting area complete with native furniture and decor.

 The shake station is the first thing you'll see when you're inside the restaurant. As soon as I spotted the girl with the blender and the fruits surrounding her station, I knew I had to try out some of the fresh shakes. No soft drinks for me!

The shake and order station.

 The dining area reflected the wooden furnitures and the no-walls design of the area lent it a very refreshing ambiance. It rained hard once we got inside but we appreciated the cool air that it produced.

The cool and breezy dining area.

 A garden also surrounded the whole area and pebbles lined the pathways. The pitter-patter of the rain made the whole atmosphere much more relaxing for us. But they also had wall fans and standing electric fans on hand for warmer weather.

Since we got there at noon, we had no appetite for a big dinner so we just ordered a snack of Pancit Canton (Php165.00, good for 2-3) and our shakes.

Delicious Pancit Canton

 The pancit canton was served steaming hot so we had time to wait for it to cool as our shakes we're being made. My friend ordered Mango Shake (Php50.00) and I got Buko Shake (Php50.00).

Mango Shake and Buko Shake

 When we finally got a taste of our pancit and sipped our shakes, we had to sigh in satisfaction and we couldn't help but break into wide smiles because our wait was worth it.

The pancit canton was warm with soft but firm noodles and crispy veggies. The shrimp was cooked just right too without the fishy smell. The sauce was a little on the runny side but it was flavorful nonetheless.

Our shakes we're not too sweet and the texture of the whole thing reminds one of the texture of the famous halo-halo from Razon's. The whole thing was easy to sip, no lumps to interrupt your satisfaction, just brain-freeze every now and then. The best thing was, it was served in a big glass so we felt very satisfied instead of wanting more after finishing the whole glass. But of course we wanted to taste more so we're heading back here again when we come back for a vacation.

But our experience didn't end here. We went inside to check out the rest of the resto's interiors and we thought we were transported to Bali.

A colorful theme in the decors inside the resto.

 We took lots more pictures but then we are coming back so we'll take proper pictures not just of the place but of the food treats as well.

The pictures on this post are rather smaller compared to previous posts. That's because I'm currently using a netbook instead of my usual desktop. This will be back to its original size soon when the desktop gets fixed. 😉

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