Thursday, October 31, 2013

Feeling the Christmas Thrill!

It's the 2nd "ber" month on the calendar, the mornings are chilly but without too much rain throughout the day, yey! I can definitely feel that Christmas is just around the corner and the thought excites me. It excites me even more than my birthday!

It's definitely the BRRRRR months!

There's just something cheery and carefree about this holiday - Christmas thru the New Year celebrations. The anticipation of the joy that your gifts will bring people is something I definitely look forward to each year and just sharing merry thoughts and expressing cheers brings this holiday a wonderful spirit of camaraderie.

Of course, the hunting for the perfect gift also excites me. The lights and music make me feel like I am in a movie with a happy ending. It's a happy ending to the current year too and a great way to welcome the new year.

It's also the time for committing to change, especially when you think of all the New Year's resolutions everyone will be listing down. I think the best resolution overall is to be happily living your life in every day of the year.

Oh well, gotta go sing a Christmas song. Cheers for the holidays!


  1. Hi Jean! Ngayon lang ako nakabisita ulit sa blog mo. I love Christmas too! :)

  2. Hello! Di na tayo nakapagkita. Hope we can meet for dinner or kahit ano excuse before the year ends. PM mo saken mobile mo sa FB para I can text you. I hope free ka pag Saturdays kasi yun lang usually lakwatsa time ko. Or if you still have my no., send me a text message. :-)