Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Christmas Lights!

Christmas lights are the first to go up when decorating for the holidays. The sight of twinkling lights always make me feel warm inside, especially when coupled with Christmas songs as background.

Twinkle, twinkle Christmas lights!

This is what we got treated too at Trinoma just recently. I got an invitation to the opening of this event last November 9, but unfortunately, I had problems with my email and couldn't respond to the invite at the time.

Anyway, me and some friends were on our way to the mall when the announcement for the musical lights greeted us. So we stopped awhile by the fountain at the entrance to the ground floor and enjoyed the music. Of course, I couldn't help but take some pictures at the attractive lights that changed their colors and their lighting sequence in tune to the music.

We went to the Mezza Norte food market after our window shopping session and I enjoyed the view of the columns of light that lined the entrance to the mall. I didn't take a picture though as we we're busy looking at all the food.

I'm glad that despite the trials that our country is going through, Christmas parties may be cancelled but Christmas itself is present in the spirit of hope that we have for our future.

Merry Christmas everyone, not just this season, but may we feel the spirit of joy, giving and sharing all days of the year. :-)

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