Monday, December 9, 2013

Veggie Pancakes and Tortilla Wraps for Lunch

Sometimes I grow tired of eating rice and I want something as filling but not rice. The same feeling struck me one time at home when preparations for lunch time was already beginning. I didn't want to eat rice again because I'm sure I'll be eating it again for dinner. So, I took a quick survey of my makeshift pantry and checked out possible alternatives. I was happy to have found one, two in fact, from the previous dinner's leftovers.

My vegan lunch!

I had some mock meat made of beans and some tortilla wraps. I also had some carrots and potatoes and some wholewheat flour. So I turned my beans into filling for my tortillas adding just a dollop of mustard when I reheated it to amp up the flavor. I've also tried this with tomato ketchup and with hot sauce so choose the level of kick you like.

As for the carrots and potatoes, I used a cheese grater to work through them. I thought I'd be finished in a few minutes but 2 medium carrots and 3 small potatoes later, I saw that 30 minutes had passed by and my right arm was aching. Anyhow, I squeezed out some of the water from these two, added just enough flour to make a batter consistency and some salt and pepper to taste then I fried them in coconut oil.

You can use any veggie that you can process through a cheese grater for this. I always have potatoes and carrots on hand so I used these but you can also add zucchini to this or even sweet potatoes. I didn't use any eggs in this recipe too. The tortilla wraps I used were also wholewheat.

I added the tomato ketchup as dip for both of these and they were just yummy! Even my usually picky housemate finished off his share with gusto. He didn't even suspect he was eating veggies. So this is one way to sneak veggies into kid's favorite food.

My vegetarian adventure started last October after I had contemplated on how to eat healthy in the middle of having no options but fast food for 3 weeks during a Palawan business trip (in August). I found a lot of benefits and energy when I started this as a daily habit and I am enjoying it until now. Of course, it's hard to eat this way when I'm out of the house but I don't beat myself up for it so long as I follow this at home. I just try to go for healthier food choices when out of the house.

I realized that after almost 3 months of eating this way, I haven't even posted a blog entry. Well,this here is a start. I'll also be posting whatever exercise routine I've tried that can help busy buddies get fit. Right now, I'm trying out a morning yoga routine which I am finding to be fun!

Well, till next post. Here's to healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle.

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