Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New (Out)Look for the New Year

Happy new year everyone! I won't be posting any resolutions for this year but I do wish everyone to have success with theirs as I endeavor to reach my own goals.

To start the year, I decided to give this blog a little makeover to start off some of the changes I want to implement for the rest of the year. Perhaps a change of color scheme will keep this blog looking interesting and also keep me interested in writing and posting regularly.

Speaking of posts, I have had to take time off last December to rest after my wisdom tooth surgery so I also had to forget sitting down to write a blog post. Thus, I have a number of pending articles that I have yet to write and I need to apologize to some  blogger friends who were expecting those articles last year. :-(

I'm still in the middle of recovering and will need to go through many dental checkups before I am able to go back to regular strenuous activities such as exercising which I am very much missing. Despite the holiday food feasts, I had lost some weight because I can't really eat a lot; I can't even open my mouth as wide as I normally can to shove in food or chew very hard food so I'm mainly on a soft food diet until full recovery.

Anyway, we were not able to complete a dozen types of round fruits on our table last night but I did manage to get seven so hopefully our lucky stars are still going to appreciate the effort.

Still, I consider this a healthier turn of events for me in the future so I'm looking forward to a complete recovery from this minor health issue. Here's to a healthy and prosperous new year to us all!

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