Tuesday, May 20, 2014

City Food Pics at the Magnolia Residences - Part 2

More delicious treats from the City Food Picks tour. Let's get to them right away.

This home-based business has come a long way since it was first established in 1995. They now have branches in different malls in Metro Manila.

For those of you with a sweet tooth, silvanas should be a familiar treat and the House of Silvanas offers these in different flavors such as pandan, strawberry, mango and ube.

The different flavors certainly put a refreshing twist to this classic sweet treat not to mention how cute they look in their colorful wafers.

Another classic favorite are chocolates and this time the goodness of authentic Italian chocolates from Villa Del Conte graced our taste buds. They offer chocolates whose roots can be traced back to Padova, Italy.

The treat for the tour were their Praline Sticks in Milk Chocolate with Watermelon Cream Filling and Praline Balls in Dark Chocolate with Hazelnut Cream Filling. My personal favorite is the dark chocolate variety but the watermelon filling was also a delicious surprise worth indulging in. You can also get yourself a variety of their chocolate products and have them wrapped in a gift box of your choice.

They also offer chocolate truffles with different fillings, neapolitans, sugar-coated dark chocolate eggs in cute colors (in the glass jars in the picture above) and other limited edition and seasonal products. You can also have them create custom chocolate creations for weddings and other events and choose from their pretty packaging options including ceramic packaging from Italy.

Guess these sweets served as our appetizers because next up we're a variety of main dishes which made me feel like I was in a feast.

Opened only 2 years ago, The Clubhouse has been serving "modern comfort food" to its loyal followers. Its owners are passionate foodies and the resto's homey ambiance made one feel like you were going to enjoy a relaxing breakfast, a lazy afternoon lunch or a family Sunday dinner. The chic and cozy interiors together with the simple fare with a twist which made you recall classic comfort foods, are perfect for intimate reunions.

So what were the delectable treats on their menu? Here are just some of them.

Tuyo Rice Bowl

Vigan Longganisa Hash

Sausage and Eggs

Truffle Mushroom Scramble with Sunny Side Up Eggs


Bread and Jam

Several mouthfuls later, I can truly say I was in a feast surrounded by familiar and hearty food which had very unique twists to them. My favorite is the Vigan Longganisa Hash which I would have loved to devour on my own. I also like their Morning Pineapple Salsa which tasted sweeter than your ordinary salsa. The Truffle Mushroom Scramble is also worth coming back for.

Gaucho is a 2-level Argentinean-inspired resto that serves mouth-watering meats and roasts. The roasts are cooked in the Argentinean style of "a la Cruz" and served with their version of chimchurri - a sauce made with herbs, garlic and vinegar but without the spice found in other versions. The roasting method requires roasting the meat for 5-6 hours and we were told that, our meats for that night were roasting since lunch time.

Argentina's meat-loving culture is reflected well in Gaucho's menu. They offer organic pork, US beef, Austrlian lamb as well as US prime and choice steaks from the grill. They also offer wine and on some nights, we were told that part of the dining area is cleared away to make room for some tango.

For the night's fare, we tasted their signature dishes "El Pozo de Fuego" or "slow-roasted from the fire pit". The entrees included Falda a la Cruz - a US beef shortplate; Cochino a la Cruz - a native, free-range sucking pig and Cordero Entero a la Cruz - Australian-raised young lamb. The mouth-watering food selection together with the ambiance and some wine truly made me feel like we were in another country that night.

My favorite among the three is the Falda a la Cruz which was tender, juicy and very flavorful despite how thinly you cut it. Aside from the chimchurri, there were also veggie sides to compliment the meats and enhance their flavor such as pickled zucchini, onion and eggplant. Meat-lovers should definitely try out this resto.

And finally, it was time for some major dessert.

Located at the al fresco area of the mall, the Magnolia Ice Cream Flavor House is frequently visited by families to enjoy its sumptious ice cream treats served in a variety of flavors such as ube, vanilla, chocolate and more. Various hot food items such as sandwiches and pasta are also available.

Some of the classic ice creams I enjoyed were the following:

Amazing Batman Brownie Overload

Black and White

Tropical Trio

Thor's Almighty Crepe

I admit I was overwhelmed with the sweets but I managed to taste most of them and finish at least one whole serving of this yummy ice cream feast. This would be a great place to get together or just to enjoy a casual date while reminiscing fun times.

For more information on Magnolia Residences, you can call 636-0888 or (0925) 333-3333 or visit their website.

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