Monday, June 23, 2014

Showcase of Men's Fashion at Style Origin, Trinoma

It was my first time to go to a fashion show, and a man's fashion show at that so I was quite excited to go. I had invited along 2 of my gal pals but I ended up going alone. Nevertheless, I enjoyed myself because I met new friends and enjoyed the show.

Style Origin is an annual Ayala Malls lifestyle project launched in Greenbelt last May and is currently making its way through 12 premier Ayala Malls destinations.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Be Free from Dandruff with "Flakes, Release Me" from De Boer Organiques

Ever since I started using natural and organic products, I have been rid of many beauty and health issues. One major issue that I had then was having thin and brittle hair. But with the use of organic shampoo, my hair started to grow stronger and longer at a faster rate. Plus, with the helpf of an organic scap treatment product, I was able to grow my hair even thicker.

However, one recurring issue that I have been trying for so long to get rid off was seasonal dandruff. Seasonal because this usually becomes a problem during the hot and cold months: summer when my scalp becomes too oily and the "ber" months when my scalp becomes too dry.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Lunch in the Middle of the Sea at Manlawi Sandbar, Caramoan

I had recently gone on a summer escapade with some friends to escape the summer heat and the general stress of our daily lives to have some fun, experience new things and hopefully, come back refreshed and energized to face our daily responsibilities.

Our first destination was Caramoan, the island-hopping paradise where we were sure to get lots of sea and sun and sky. Of course, we brought along lots of sunblock because we had no desire to end up looking like toast in the middle of this paradise. (We ended up darker than we anticipated anyway but no regrets!)