Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Kimchi and Ice Cream Lunch

A mentally (or psychologically) stressful meeting can make one really hungry. Being the foodies that we were (we do love to eat), we also had to satisfy not just our stomachs but also our sense of sight and smell. For today, we not only had a filling lunch, we also enjoyed a delicious dessert.

Kimchi and Bulgogi Bibimbap (Php185.00)

We wanted to get ourselves something hearty and really filling for lunch and from prior experience, The Clubhouse at Robinson's Magnolia was the perfect place to enjoy that. The Clubhouse offers a lot of food choices from international cuisine and puts a Pinoy twist to them. I was on a Korean and Japanese food craving so their Kimchi and Bulgogi Bibimbap (Php185.00) caught my fancy.

As I was waiting for my order, I was hoping that the kimchi wouldn't be too spicy or I would end up with teary eyes while eating.

The kimchi fried rice was topped with pork bulgogi, mixed veggies and raw egg. You had to mix them together while still hot so the egg cooks while you're mixing. The meat was tender and surprisingly, the kimchi was not spicy at all so I didn't have a challenging time eating this. It was all pleasurably delicious and filling.

Next up was dessert and luckily Magnolia Ice Cream House was in the vicinity. Since we already had a filling lunch, we decided to share an order of their Black N' White Ice Cream (Php200.00).

Black N' White Ice Cream (Php200.00)

This was all vanilla sweetness and chocolate decadence in a creamy and crunchy texture that really satisfied the tastebuds. It was a party in my mouth I must say and I'm not much of a fan of sweet stuff like this.

Not too spicy followed by something rich and sweet makes for a satisfying lunch indeed. This surely made us ready for another meeting. :-)

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