Sunday, November 23, 2014

Travel Memories and Inspirations for Future Destinations

I love travelling! Most of my travels are with friends and locally. I would love to travel solo one of these days and see how that feels.

I love travelling because I get to meet new people, experience local culture, local food (even if it sometimes leads me astray from eating healthy), and of course, fun and unique memories. A side benefit is you get to bond with your friends and companions.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Vegetarian Find: Grilled Vegetables Burrito @ Mexicali, The Block

When you're trying your darn best to eat healthy but you need to eat outside of your house a lot, finding a vegetarian version of your favorite food is cause for celebration. I felt like I wanted to celebrate when I found out that Mexicali offers a Grilled Vegetables Burrito.

But did it taste just as good as the meaty variety? I ordered one to find out.

Zoomanity Group Supports the Polytechnic University of the Philippines

For this February 2018 to March 2018, different activities will be held at Bulwagang Balagtas inside Polytechnic University of the Philippi...