Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Vegetarian Find: Grilled Vegetables Burrito @ Mexicali, The Block

When you're trying your darn best to eat healthy but you need to eat outside of your house a lot, finding a vegetarian version of your favorite food is cause for celebration. I felt like I wanted to celebrate when I found out that Mexicali offers a Grilled Vegetables Burrito.

But did it taste just as good as the meaty variety? I ordered one to find out.

I always thought of Mexicali to be a little on the expensive side but I ventured in and checked out their menu anyway. I saw Grilled Vegetables Burrito listed for the same price (which I forget) as the other, more popular meat variety.

When my order came, I was surprised to see how big it was. It even had sidings of nachos and salsa to go with it. You then had sauce options for your burrito. One was the usual hot sauce and the other was a white, garlic sauce which I thought was not spicy. They were both spicy however so I gave up on the sauces and just ate my burrito as is.

The burrito did not disappoint. It was very flavorful and it was indeed all vegetables which consisted of eggplant, tomatoes, zucchini, carrots, onions, and a lot of mushrooms. It also had sour cream, fresh salsa and cheese. I love mushrooms so I was so glad there were plenty in there.

This burrito was large so it was a very filling meal for me and with the nachos and salsa, I was a very happy diner. I still consider this resto on the expensive side but just a little bit expensive, not eye-brow raising expensive. And I think that this burrito meal was worth the price and tasted great too. I didn't even miss the meaty variety. Like most burritos, this one was messy to eat as well so the serving dish it came with was a welcome idea.

My only complain about this is the sauce options. I wish they had non-spicy options for those of us who have low tolerance for spicy food. Otherwise, I will be ordering this one if I chance to eat here again. Hopefully, their other branches have this too.

They also have vegetable options for their other menu items like tacos and even their rice meals. I checked out their Facebook page, and it says that they are a "Tex-Mex Restaurant" as well as a "Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurant" and a "Mexican Restaurant" as well. That's good news for us who want to eat healthier.

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