Monday, December 28, 2015

A Wish For Us All This Coming 2016

The time for new year resolutions is here once more. Instead of a wish list, I am quoting Neil Gaiman in wishing everyone the best for this coming new year.

As I wish for myself, I wish the most wonderful year for everyone too.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

I Learned the Art of Receiving from A Giving Mission

My feet were aching because I had sprained my right ankle (my whole foot hurt actually) and my whole foot was swollen but also because I was longing to go somewhere. I had been home bound for a couple weeks and I was getting bored. The Universe always makes a way and so I got an invite to a trip I could not refuse.

Sarah and me on a bus to our rendezvous with Project Kulay volunteers.

My friend Sarah invited me to tag along to a community service mission by Project Kulay. The event was called Project Kulayful Christmas where volunteers, together with help from locals, will donate relief goods, slippers, school supplies and toys as well as seeds to the residents of Sitio Bulacan in Capas Tarlac.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Vegetarian Find: The Falafel at 8 Cuts Burger Blends

Ever since I started switching to a more plant-based diet, I had resigned myself to not eating burgers anymore. It is hard enough to find a vegetarian or vegan restaurant in malls that won't break your budget but finding a non-meat burger seemed next to impossible until I found this burger.

The Falafel (Php195)

Burgers don't usually excite me but the prospect of a vegetarian burger did. The little jolt of joy that I felt when I heard about it was worth it because this burger was delicious and filling too.

Monday, November 9, 2015

A Double Whammy of Nachos at Mexicali

Looking for healthy food options in the mall is not always easy. Luckily, there are establishments that do offer vegetarian options of favorite food treats like nachos.

Regular Nachos and Nacho Salad (in the background)

Mexicali is one such restaurant. Although the vegetarian choices are not that many, you can go here for a quick snack or a hefty lunch or dinner.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

A Unique Christmas Camping Experience at the Alviera Christmas Jamboree

The holiday season is upon us again and we are all starting to wonder what unique gifts to give our loved ones. Instead of dashing around malls looking for the perfect gift, why not give them the gift of a unique camping experience instead?

Ho, ho, ho! It's the season for gift-giving and receiving once again.

That is just what the Alviera Christmas Jamboree is offering. This is a great Christmas gift for families and first-time campers to experience. If you happen to enjoy camping, then be sure to book yourself a tent for this fun, holiday experience.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Love Happy Retreat: Co-Authoring Your Next Love Story

They say things happen for a reason. When you focus your thoughts on something, the Universe finds ways to direct you to the right path to realize that goal. But sometimes, we end up sabotaging our goals instead. This is especially true when it comes to love and relationships.

Tranquil surroundings for our retreat/workshop.

When asked what I'm looking for in a partner, I have a standard answer of 3 things that I want in the person. But on second thought, I'm not really sure what I want and I wish that someone would guide me to figure it out. The Universe answered, of course with a "love workshop"!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Vegan Glamping for A Cause at Cagbalete Island with the Manila Vegans - Day 2

The 2nd day of the "vegan glamping" experience was full of activities as well with enough time for an afternoon nap.

Early morning yoga was relaxing and invigorating.

We woke up very early to participate in a yoga session. While waiting for 7AM to strike, we had the pleasure of watching the sun rise on the horizon.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Vegan Glamping for A Cause at Cagbalete Island with the Manila Vegans - Day 1

A beach getaway is always a welcome escape from the daily grind but one that also allows you to help a good cause is even more amazing.

Drying my trekking shoes while lazing around and admiring the view.

Me and my friend Sarah attended a "vegan glamping" trip to Cagbalete Island to help the Bantay Dagat Patrol volunteer group keep the sea around the island and the fish safe from illegal fishing activities. The best part was, we did it while having fun and staying healthy.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Gaining Muscles and Friends in MetaFit T60

Not all thin or slim people are healthy. In a society that favors the look of stick-thin models, this is a hard concept to explain even to friends but I am always looking for ways to look and feel healthier.

Posing for our attendance picture with Coach Mike and Mommy Osie right after the workout.

When my bosses enrolled me in the MetaFit T60 class, I knew I was in for some crazy, hard training. They had told me a lot of stories about what exercises they did that I was mentally prepared for it already (or so I thought). At least, I was determined to really stick to it until the end.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Spirited Away to Subic

A road trip had always been on my bucket list. I had the impression that it would be fun and thrilling but also quite scary as the perfectionist in me keeps reminding me that it is not good to be unprepared.

Very happy to welcome the chance to beat the summer heat.

Luckily, I had friends who do think of road trips as fun and so took me on a road trip that was memorable for so many reasons; mostly good and some, maybe bad. :-)

Friday, May 15, 2015

A Mini-Tour of Legazpi, Albay

After basking in the beauty of Mt. Mayon, next on our list was a tour of the city. We rented a car with the driver and headed off to explore as much as we can of the city in the little time we had.

View of Mayon from the Cagsawa Ruins, Daraga, Albay.

Our first destination--Cagsawa Ruins, Daraga, Albay. There were many tourists when we arrived and it was hard to take pictures of the place without any people but I was finally able to take this picture of Mt. Mayon when people started going back to their cars for lunch.

Getting Up Close with Mt. Mayon in Legazpi, Albay

On a summer getaway with friends a year ago, we went island hopping in Caramoan for 3 days and from there we had a stopover for lunch in Naga and then headed straight to Legazpi, Albay to explore the city.

One of our celebratory jumpshots after reaching our destination.

Our first goal upon reaching Legazpi was to book ourselves a schedule for an ATV ride to see Mt. Mayon up close. Unfortunately, the trek to the side of the mountain would take more time than we had so we opted for the shorter trek.

Friday, May 1, 2015

UNICEF donation portal for Nepal earthquake victims

In photo above: A UNICEF worker talks with the mother of a young girl, injured in Nepal's recent earthquake, at the Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital in Kathmandu. You can help children and families affected by the Nepal Earthquake. Donate now at or call 758-1000 / 758-1442 today. © UNICEF/NYHQ2015-1015/Nybo

Friday, April 24, 2015

Oakley launches Madman™ and Badman™ Sunglasses

Oakley recently launched the newest addition to its XMen Collection --  Madman™ and Badman™ sunglasses here in the country following a successful US debut.

The vault with the new sunglasses inside.

In a dramatic presentation, the waiting audience were treated to a visual effect show which focused on a vault where the 2 new sunglass models were being kept before the official launch.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Learning How to Cook Healthy at The Vegetarian Kitchen

My experience on eating vegan and now vegetarian has give me a lot of health benefits. I do cook but most of my dishes are substitutions for the meaty dishes that I usually eat at home and usually using just tofu. I could never get the same taste I get in restaurants and their vegetarian dishes. That's why I have always wanted to attend a cooking class to hone my cooking skills.

Dishes cooked during the class resulted in this delicious buffet which we ate after class.

Luckily,  I caught the announcement of The Vegetarian Kitchen about their cooking class and came to attend their Basic Vegetarian Cooking Class last Sunday.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Japanese Food Trip at Ramen Nagi

Once upon a time, after the holidays, three girls chatted and found out that they were all stressed out. One girl was addicted to work, the second was addicted to food, and the third was obsessed with exercise. On a sudden whim, the three girls all decided to meet up and go to the mall.

A snapshot of my foodie buddies before we dug into our ramens.

The three girls wanted to go somewhere new but close to their homes and they were all craving for Japanese food. So the three girls ended up at Robinson's Magnolia to look for Japanese food.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Surf the Waves with Reef's Rover Collection Featuring Swellular Technology

Summer is upon us again and for beach lovers like me, the sun, sand and ocean waves are beckoning me to another adventure. Fun beach activities are ahead of us and it's best to be prepared with the right gear such as Reef's surf and sand apparel featuring Reef's Swellular Technology.

Sun and Sand at Reef's Rover Collection Launch

Reef recently launched it's Rover Collection for it's Just Passing Through campaign. The Rover Collection features a new line of men's and women's footwear catering to the needs of the traveling surfer.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Kingsman: The Unlikely Neighborhood Hero

I love action movies! Not the more gory ones but those with stunts that look amazing and maybe even impossible. So of course, I also love watching spy movies but I can't say I love all of them. There are few that stand out in my memory and the most recent one is Kingsman: The Secret Service.

Source: Movie Wallpaper HD

This is quite a late post for a movie that has been in the theaters for some time now. However, I still cannot wipe the smile that involuntarily appears on my face whenever I think of this film. So before someone accuses me of going crazy, let me pour out my reasons here.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Anne Curtis visits UNICEF supported Yolanda children and families

Anne Curtis visits UNICEF supported Yolanda recovery efforts and meets with children and families.

UNICEF Celebrity Advocate for Children Anne Curtis and UNICEF Country Representative Lotta Sylwander wash hands with a child in Cabarasan Guti, Palo, Leyte. UNICEF provided water and hygiene kits in the early days after Typhoon Yolanda and has continued to respond with access to safe water, sanitation facilities, hygiene promotion and rehabilitation of permanent water systems. ©UNICEF Philippines/2015/JReyna

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

SiningSaysay - Visual Guide to Philippine History

"A picture paints a thousand words" so goes the saying and one Saturday morning, I saw how pictures, paintings in particular, do just that for Philippine history.

Filipino Responses to Spanish Colonization by Vincent Paolo S. De Pio

The SiningSaysay: Philippine History in Art exhibit opened last Saturday, February 28, 2015 at the Gateway Gallery in Cubao, Quezon City. As an exhibit dedicated solely to works of art depicting a nation's history, it is the first of its kind in the country.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

St. Michael Archangel Church and Naga CWC - Day 3

It was our 3rd and last day in Caramoan and I had wanted to walk along the beach and watch the sunset rise. Unfortunately, I woke up later than my companions so I was only able to take a quick snapshot before sunlight flooded everything brightly.

Early morning by the beach.

Our last stop before saying goodbye to Caramoan was an old church on the town of Tawog where we stayed. We got there via tricycle early in the morning before heading to the pier to board the motorboat to Sabang Port.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Sun, Sea and Sand in Caramoan - Day 2

More island-hopping adventure awaited us as well as more sights of ocean waters, blue sky and fluffly clouds.

On our way to the next island.

We we're still exhausted from our activities from the previous day but our excitement gave us the energy to wake up early, get our breakfast and discover more islands.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Sun, Sea and Sand in Caramoan - Day 1

A beach getaway is always a welcome idea to detox from the stress of city life. So when a friend vouched the idea of a vacation that involved just that, I was eager to go.

We finally arrived at the port in Caramoan.
Raymund, Dia, me, Chelle

But this was not just another beach getaway as we soon found out. We saw lots of beaches and experienced much, much more.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Archery on a Chilly Morning at SandBox in Alviera

We experienced some mild, but challenging exercise on a cold, Sunday morning courtesy of the newly launched Outdoor Archery at SandBox in Alviera.

Meetup time for this event was at 7AM and on a Sunday too! But I've always wanted to try my hand at a bow and some arrows so I dragged my cousin along for this opportunity.