Friday, April 24, 2015

Oakley launches Madman™ and Badman™ Sunglasses

Oakley recently launched the newest addition to its XMen Collection --  Madman™ and Badman™ sunglasses here in the country following a successful US debut.

The vault with the new sunglasses inside.

In a dramatic presentation, the waiting audience were treated to a visual effect show which focused on a vault where the 2 new sunglass models were being kept before the official launch.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Learning How to Cook Healthy at The Vegetarian Kitchen

My experience on eating vegan and now vegetarian has give me a lot of health benefits. I do cook but most of my dishes are substitutions for the meaty dishes that I usually eat at home and usually using just tofu. I could never get the same taste I get in restaurants and their vegetarian dishes. That's why I have always wanted to attend a cooking class to hone my cooking skills.

Dishes cooked during the class resulted in this delicious buffet which we ate after class.

Luckily,  I caught the announcement of The Vegetarian Kitchen about their cooking class and came to attend their Basic Vegetarian Cooking Class last Sunday.