Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Love Happy Retreat: Co-Authoring Your Next Love Story

They say things happen for a reason. When you focus your thoughts on something, the Universe finds ways to direct you to the right path to realize that goal. But sometimes, we end up sabotaging our goals instead. This is especially true when it comes to love and relationships.

Tranquil surroundings for our retreat/workshop.

When asked what I'm looking for in a partner, I have a standard answer of 3 things that I want in the person. But on second thought, I'm not really sure what I want and I wish that someone would guide me to figure it out. The Universe answered, of course with a "love workshop"!

I got a call from a friend to attend the Love Happy Retreat: Co-Authoring Your Next Love Story headed by Ms. Mae Seracarpio. The 2-day retreat was held at Brahma Kumaris in Tagaytay. So I got away from the stress of a city weekend to focus my thoughts on sorting out my love life together with other participants.

Ms. Mae Seracarpio has been helping out with relationship issues since she was in college and is an experienced healer using her different intuitive abilities. Her services include: Akashic Reading, Access Bars, Chakra Balancing, FlorAlive, Past Life Regression, Past Life Regression thru Akashic Reading, Pranic Psychotherapy and Tarot Reading as well as Spirit Quest.

The retreat was full of activities that provided us with knowledge of why we keep attracting a particular type of person instead of the one we really need and want. Everything was explained scientifically and it was clear that these scientific facts also work in concert with our spiritual well-being.

The activities taught us how to ask the right questions so we can get to the root of our needs, wants and desires. Being able to define these enabled us to connect the dots and really get a stronger idea of what type of person we want to attract and be in love with.

We practiced being more open-minded and being more appreciative of the things around us, including the persons we were with even if they were total strangers meeting for the first time. We were able to list down the qualities we really wanted our future partners to have and we were able to craft a statement that tells the kind of love story that we want to be living with our ideal partner.

We listened, we discussed, we wrote, we drew, we meditated, we visualized, we time-travelled even and tried to mend the hurts and disappointments we experienced in the past to prepare ourselves for a more joyful future. We asked questions and analyzed, we laughed, we cried and we put our hearts into realizing our wishes. I think this is one of those times in my life when I felt the most sincere in expressing my deepest thoughts and feelings to people I barely even knew. Surprising, it felt liberating.

Colorful wall art.

During our stay, we enjoyed the elegant but simple comforts of the Brahma Kumaris Retreat Center. We were served healthy and delicious vegetarian food too. I look at this as one of the perks. We had to observe silence as much as possible when taking our break from the workshop activities but we could not help but talk to each other during meal times and thus make new friends.

We started lost and confused and ended up a little bit wiser, knowing ourselves and our motivations better. We came to the workshop with heavy burdens but we came away with lighter hearts, a grateful attitude and a hopeful mindset.

Why co-authoring? I wondered about that too. You are a co-author in your love story because the other half of the story is fulfilled by your ideal partner. After all, you are experiencing life together in your love story. Both your love stories just have to be in sync so it can be a "love happy" story.

I felt that the 2 days was not enough for the retreat because I appreciated and perhaps needed the thinking time after each of the activities. The good thing is, we can apply our learnings not only to our love relationships but to our other life goals as well.

My impression of a retreat has not always been positive but this retreat gave me quite an experience. I feel that it has made a big difference in my whole outlook in love and life in general and for the first time in a long while, I am quite excited to think about love again.

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