Friday, November 13, 2015

Vegetarian Find: The Falafel at 8 Cuts Burger Blends

Ever since I started switching to a more plant-based diet, I had resigned myself to not eating burgers anymore. It is hard enough to find a vegetarian or vegan restaurant in malls that won't break your budget but finding a non-meat burger seemed next to impossible until I found this burger.

The Falafel (Php195)

Burgers don't usually excite me but the prospect of a vegetarian burger did. The little jolt of joy that I felt when I heard about it was worth it because this burger was delicious and filling too.

I was prepared to just eat fries and onion rings when I meet my friend that day at 8 Cuts Burger Blends. But I found The Falafel (Php195) as I was scanning thru the menu so my order was decided.

From their menu description, this burger is described as follows:

A GROUND SPICED CHICKPEA PATTY, sweet potato mash bed, fresh tomatoes, sliced cucumber, lime-basil tartar and pickled onions all on a Kaiser Roll.  

All these ingredients made up for a yummy combination. The chickpea patty was crispy on the outside and crumbly on the inside and had more flavor than other chickpea patties I had tasted before. My mouth definitely enjoyed the different textures and flavors.

It has yoghurt sauce and uses buttered burger buns and veggies such as pickled onions, cucumbers and tomatoes so it is vegetarian. Make it vegan by requesting for vegan bread (without the butter) and opting out of the yoghurt sauce.

What's inside this burger? Healthy ingredients.

The whole burger creation was rather large and hefty so I had to eat this with a knife and fork. Unlike regular meat burgers in fast food chains; it was impossible to flatten out the whole thing so I could hold it in my hands. I was forced to take small bites and deconstruct the burger a bit but I finished it off and my tummy was definitely happy.

While waiting for our burgers to arrive, we also ordered their side dishes which were also delicious.

Skinny Fries (Php55) with BBQ. Jalapeno & Mozarella (Php90)

I choose the vegetarian option (the one without meat) as topping for our fries. We also ordered onion rings!

Onion Rings (Php65)

We ordered another one of this after we finished our burgers because it just tasted so good and it had the same toppings as our fries.

It would seem like we ordered a lot but we did stay in the place for about 3 hours to chat and reminisce our high school days. So this feast was how we celebrated our mini-reunion.

Of course, we accompanied our little feast with some of the restaurant's beverages. My order was for a glass of their lemonade which made me pretend I was drinking a cocktail instead.

Lemonade by the Glass (Php60)

Next time I need to meet another one of my friends who wants burgers or to satisfy my craving for a burger or onion rings in the middle of a mall, I know just what restaurant to look for.

Do you have a vegetarian or vegan burger recommendation? If you have taken a bite out of a lot of vegetarian or vegan burgers, which one is your favorite? Recipes are also welcome. :-)