Thursday, April 21, 2016

Viewing the Windmills at Pililla, Rizal

When we visited the artist Leo Meneses for an interview, he promised to take us to the windmills afterwards. So we took off right after lunch, at 2PM to be exact, because we wanted to get back to Manila early and we were excited to see the windmills.

Windmills in the distance got us even more excited.

I have been to the windmills in Bangui, Ilocos Norte before and I had always wanted to go back. I didn't know there was a wind farm much nearer Manila so this was a welcome surprise. Fair warning: photo blog to follow.

We knew the windmills were going to be really big but even if I had seen them before, their huge size still amazed me.

Optical illusion: It looks like its right above us but it was still up ahead.

We only saw less than 10 along the way but there were actually many windmills around the area.

The hill that serves as the viewing point for the windmills and a sweeping view of the sea.

One of the nearest windmills towering over everything and everyone.

Windmills all in a row.

The hill, the clouds and the windmill. 

It was actually very hot because the windmills were under maintenance and not moving.

The view from the hill.

Path going down the hill and back to the parking lot.

Last look at the hill before we took off for home.

You can also take home a mini replica of the windmill as souvenir.

There were windmill souvenirs that you can buy but it didn't really move with the wind so we opted to just leave with our photos and memories.

The next time we visit, we hope the windmills are in good condition so we can feel the cool breeze and not suffer the heat instead. If it wasn't too hot, we would have ventured out to take more pictures of the other spots around the site. Still, this was a great experience and maybe worth visiting again in colder months if we really want to feel the chill. :-)

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