Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Vegetarian Find: Super Duck Modern Tea at SM Cyber West

Milk tea shops are sprouting all around the city and while I'm not very fond of them, I do enjoy them. However, I have always found it inconvenient that milk tea shop menus offer mostly sweets for food.

Super Duck Vegetarian Treats

I am always on the lookout for vegetarian food finds and when I learned that Super Duck Modern Tea offers vegetarian items on their menu, I had to try it out.

Sometimes when I go into a milk tea shop, I often wish that they had more food choices to offer, and healthier food choices too. This wish came true with Super Duck's vegetarian food offers.

The milk tea selection was overwhelming at first but after some time of running our fingers through the long list and descriptions and pictures, we finally settled on our orders. I had been craving for avocado so I immediately ordered the Avocado Pudding Smoothie (instead of the milk tea). I am not sure about the price though; I think it was Php95 but they had a promo that time so the price may have changed already.

They call their vegetarian food treats Quackers. We were craving for fries, so we decided to order a plate of Fries (Php50), their V-Cheesedog & Fries (Php90) and Asian Dumplings (Php65).

We seated ourselves while we waited for our orders. When my Avocado Smoothie arrived, I was surprised at how big the serving was. I doubted if I could finish it off without suffering brain freeze. My first sip told me that I was going to finish it because it tasted so delicious! I got brain freeze afterwards so I sipped slowly from then on.

Soon came the plate of fries, then the cheesedogs and then the dumplings. Since everything was fried, we did taste some oily bits but the fries were crisp and both the cheesedogs and dumplings were flavorful. The dumplings were a bit on the hard side though which must be the result of being fried without defrosting first. All-in-all it was a satisfying fast food treat and it was healthier than the usual options. The portions were big and the prices were affordable too!

The 3 plates and the huge serving of beverages satisfied our palates and our bellies so we settled a bit longer after finishing off our dinner and got ourselves online for some updates with friends far away. It's a good bonus that the place offers free wi-fi for diners too so we used it instead of our dwindling mobile data accounts.

Another surprise was that the shop was open all day! I'd definitely come back here if I get midnight food cravings.

Super Duck Modern Tea has many branches. This particular one was in SM Cyber West but they also have one in Banawe which offers a bigger space.

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