Tuesday, August 2, 2016

A Day Trip to Tagaytay - Taal Lake View from Restaurants

This past summer, everyone wanted to get out of the city to escape the heat. Almost everyone wanted to go to Baguio where it was much cooler. We knew the city would be packed so we opted instead to go on a road trip and cool ourselves somewhere near and so we found ourselves in Tagaytay.

A Restaurant with a View

We travelled early so we could cover more places to go and we made our itinerary on the way there. Our first goal was to check out a restaurant or eatery with a good view of the lake.

Since we were in a car, we didn't anticipate how cold the air would actually be once we got out. Luckily we were already bundled up for cooler climate. There was a slight fog since it was early morning so most of our pictures were also foggy or blurry at times.

Our first stop was at Leslie's Restaurant. We didn't actually eat there as it was still early. We just snuck it to admire the view from their restaurant and to take pictures. We asked nicely of course and since there were only very few diners at the time, we were allowed to accomplish our mission.

View of Taal Lake from Leslie's Restaurant

We were told later on that those little dots on the lake are actually fish cages.

We spent a few minutes just taking in the view of the lake, the cold breeze which forced us to blink more frequently. While taking pictures, we noticed a lot of dots on the lake. We asked around and were told that these were fish cages. They really marred the view of the lake and I hope that they are regulated so they don't put traditional fishermen out of their livelihoods.

The nipa huts which offered a more breath taking view of the lake.

We wanted to sit in one but we it would have been rude since we didn't order food.

On to our next destination; another food place. This time a hole-in-the-wall eatery that served breakfast favorites. We didn't eat at Leslie's because we were on a budget so we looked for a cheap food place with a nice view and we found JVF Bulalohan.

We all had silog rice meals and some coffee. Aside from these and of course, bulalo, they had a lot of other offerings on their menu including seafood and noodle dishes. There were several choices of beverages too.

Lens flare because of the sun now high up in the sky.

Huge windows for a great view.

The huge windows had wooden frames and metal grills at the bottom to keep us from going over the cliff side where this eatery was located. But the windows didn't have glass panels so the strong, cold breeze blew in right through to us. We all thought we'd get frost bite if we sat long enough in the cold wind.

Our coffee and the free soup kept us warm as we endured the strong, cold breeze while admiring the view. The sun was high up already, so it was harder to take pictures of the lake view but the cold breeze as we sat around our meals was actually a very pleasant experience.

We explored many more places in Tagaytay which means more pictures are coming on the next post.

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