Thursday, August 11, 2016

Some Fun Rides and Amazing View at Sky Ranch, Tagaytay

Our main mission for going to Tagaytay was to get as many shots of the lake as we can from various vantage points and to enjoy some of the famous spots along the way. One of the best ways to get a good view of Taal Lake was to be somewhere high.

Our ride to more amazing views of Taal Lake.

Fortunately, a ferris wheel ride was just a drive away from where we took our lunch. We decided to enjoy some rides and the view at the Sky Ranch.

We thought it was a good thing that the weather was bright and sunny which would give us better and clearer pictures of the lake. However, as we headed out of the restaurant after our lunch, we were greeted by very harsh sunlight and a very warm breeze. It was midday after all so we felt like we were back in Manila and we hastily headed to the parking lot to get some shade.

After paying the entrance fee, we headed into the large covered hall of the amusement park. There were vendors on either side selling lots of stuff for souvenirs and we even bought ourselves a selfie stick just to try it out. We never really got the hang of it though.

The giant letters inside the park which is a popular spot for picture-taking.

Since it was really hot, not many people were getting in the rides. Everyone stayed in the shade in the entrance hall or in the smaller shaded areas scattered throughout the park. We went around and took pictures and stayed in the shaded areas from time to time to keep ourselves cool.

The ferris wheel lazily turning around in the midday sun.

Beside the ferris wheel was a small boat ride that we also got to try.

The ferris wheel and the pretty carousel beside it.

Some more colorful rides.

Games to play with this big minion as the grand prize.

You can also take home a big teddy bear as a prize.

From the ground, the park already offered an amazing view of Taal Lake. Here are some snapshots we took from the cliff side of the amusement park.

A walk in the park with an amazing view.

We had to go to the further side of the park for a closer view.

When 3PM came around, we decided it was time to use our tickets. We already bought tickets for our rides and thought it was still hot, we still wanted to see the view from higher up. We decided to save the ferris wheel ride for last and so we got on the boat ride first.

The moon already out and the group opposite us on the boat ride.

We were planning to use the selfie stick to take pictures of ourselves during the ride but the whole experience was too rough and dizzying that we just ended up laughing and screaming as we held on for dear life. That was not a relaxing ride at all so we were glad to put it first on our list.

Thankful that we didn't end up with embarrassing physical reactions despite our nauseating experience, we took a moment to rest and consolidated our muddled consciousness before we embarked on a more relaxing ride.

As the ferris wheel slowly rolled, we were able to get a bird's eye view of the whole park and some great views of Taal Lake as well.

View of some of the rides as the ferris wheel rolled up.

Park grounds with view of the city in the distance.

View of the highway just in front of the amusement park.

Looks like a toy but an actual ride with blurry edges due to the distortion on the ferris wheel's thick window.

Taal Lake and vicinity.

Closer look of the crater in the center of the lake.

White fluffly clouds in the distance.

Some parts of the photos may be blurry as they were taken through the thick windows of the airconditioned car of the ferris wheel. Nevertheless, seeing the view with our own eyes was breath-taking. So riding a ferris wheel and a better camera for better zoom-ins is highly recommended.

After the exhilarating ride and the amazing view, we decided to get a quick cup of coffee and some more snapshots of the lake at the popular Starbucks branch with the supposedly death-defying parking lot. We got through the parking and enjoyed the view for awhile before calling it a long and fun day.

The canopy of trees make it seem as though we were spying on a hidden location.

The place that seems so near and yet so far.

We had our fill of pictures of the lake that day and we enjoyed a lot of nice places and meet nice people too. The next time we visit, we intend to actually go explore the lake itself. We didn't have enough time to go around Tagaytay and explore the lake at the same time since we had a lot on our itinerary but we will definitely be back.

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