Friday, January 20, 2017

Corregidor Tour with Kala and Karin

After a full day of trips around Manila and Tagaytay, the next day was a day of learning some more of Philippine history by visiting Corregidor Island.

Sir Jon and Ms. Alice posing at one of the canons in Corregidor.

Our friends started out with a very early breakfast at the Aristocrat Restaurant, one of the oldest restaurants in Metro Manila that is also open 24 hours. Although the staff seemed a bit sleepy at the time but they were accommodating nonetheless. More pictures after the jump.

These guys were game for another day full of walking, picture-taking and learning. They had to take a ferry to the island so they hurriedly finished up their breakfast to get to the dock by 7:30AM.

Our friends enjoying their breakfast. 

They lined up at the terminal to check-in and boarded the ferry for their ride to the island. The ferry seats were comfier than others we've encountered and everything looked well-maintained. The tour is offered by Sun Cruises including transportation on the island, tour guide and lunch.

Sir Yap and Ms. Kit having a selfie moment.

Ms. Alice, Sir Jon, Sir Sing and Ms. Jane trying to relax on the ride.

These 2 explored the ferry and got this snapshot as a reward.

The wake of the ferry as we sped along to the island.

Transportation was also provided for the tour around the island. There was a tour guide who pointed out the sites and provided information about them. Visitors were able to take pictures at each of the stop overs. So here go more pictures at the different places in the island.

I wish they would do some frequent cleaning around the island as this is the first thing visitors see upon arriving.

The transportation provided by Sun Cruises.

Our friends now ready for the tour.

Ms. Alice, Sir Jon and Sarah at the back also ready for the tour.

Ms. Jane and Sir Sing proving to us that learning is for every age.

The first stop over where visitors got to see and take pictures with the canons.

Looks like your usual green canon that kids play with but its actually very big.

Sarah taking a little breather.

Sir Jon looks ready to fire this canon.

View of the mountain from the island.

Taking a break from all the walking and picture-taking.

Couple of the moment posing for a snap at this historic structure.

View of the facility where the Pacific War Memorial is located.

One of the old structures in the island.

More time to explore and take pictures.

Sir Sing taking a picture of Sir Jon and Ms. Alice at the Pacific War Memorial.

A view of the facility from afar.

The whole tour took about 4-6 hours including transportation time. So if you ever decide to tour Corregidor Island, be sure to allot a whole day for the tour.

Since the tour ended late at noon, it was just in time to head to Harbor View restaurant for dinner. They ordered a lot of seafood so it took a while for the food to arrive. As we waited, we took lots of pictures of the surrounding areas.

City skyline from the harbor.

On the other side is this hotel.

Terminal were smaller boats can dock.

The other side of the terminal with a bigger boat awaiting passengers.

View of the Manila sunset from the restaurant.

City skyline at night.

We ended the day with full tummies and tired bodies. We took our friends back to their accommodation to get some well-deserved rest so they could get ready for a long ride to another historic destination the next day.

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