Monday, March 20, 2017

Early Beach Escapade at Laiya White Cove Beach Resort, Batangas - Day 1

Kala and Karin planned an early summer trip for some friends who wanted to enjoy a weekend at the beach. We looked around for an ideal location close to Manila so an overnight stay would be convenient and we chanced upon Laiya White Cove Beach Resort in Batangas.

Sand, sea, sky and mountain surround the resort.

Going to a beach before the summer season starts was a good idea because we had the whole beach to ourselves. It also gave us the opportunity to appreciate the facilities even more because the place was not crowded. Check out our little escapade with lots of pictures of course!

The lounge area surrounded by nature: sand, sea, sky and mountain with lots of trees and flowering plants was a truly a welcome site from the noise and chaos of the city. The serenity of nature allowed us to appreciate inhaling the fresh air, feeling the strong breeze and the warm, comforting sand below our feet.

We took our time to explore the surroundings after putting in our luggage, then we got ready to enjoy the beach.

Seashells and corals decorated table tops and other nooks and crannies of the dining area.

A coupe of huge chess boards by the dining area serves as entertainment aside from beach bumming.

A little walk from the entrance is the view of the beach.

Grace, Amado and me all ready to enjoy the sand and salty water.

The whole gang all ready to get our feet wet and enjoy the sea.
L-R / T-B: Christa, Grace, Christine, me, Sarah and Amado 

Sarah and Amado having their own kind of fun.

I could picture this view as a painting.

Sarah and Amado trying to do a jump shot.

We were lucky that the sun wasn't too hot that day. We enjoyed not just swimming around but also taking breaks and chatting away as the waves caressed our feet. The sand gave us a lot of fun with us trying to bury one person faster than the waves could wash the sand away. The whole effort was futile of course but having a kid around gave us more freedom to be silly and childish again.

The resort also featured a sunbathing area with a view of the beach so after having our fill of swimming, we cleaned up, had lunch, took a little nap and took our places at the sunbathing area at noon when it was cooler. We wanted to have a view of the sunset.

All cleaned up and ready for our lounging session.

A covered area nearer the beach than the regular dining area.

Amado obliging to my request for him to pose with this pretty background.

Me and Sarah getting some relaxation after the fun.

Amado joining in on the fun.

We capped off the whole day with dinner as we enjoyed the cool breeze from the sea. We did have some companions from the insect world that we had to buzz off from our food. This was remedied with lighted candles which made our dinner feel even more intimate.

We also took the precaution of rubbing on anti-mosquito repellent unless mosquitoes also attacked. Although we smelled of citronella, we thought it was better to be prepared than to be sorry.

Dinner with all the girls, Amado and our Driver.

Unlike in the city, the night here was tranquil and quiet. No noise of passing cars or bickering neighbors. The only sound we heard was from the aircon unit. Our physical efforts from all the beach-bumming we did also contributed to a good night's sleep.

Our good night sleep certainly energized us for the next day.

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