Wednesday, March 22, 2017

More Than the Beach at Laiya White Cove Beach Resort, Batangas - Day 2

The second day of our early summer vacation, we woke up later than usual and took our time going around the resort in the morning. It was fairly quiet and if you sat on one of the wooden benches just listening to the sounds of the waves; it was easy to feel drowsy and fall asleep again.

View of the covered area near the beach.

Cool breeze, quiet atmosphere and beautiful surroundings definitely made me want to just doze off again as the sound of the waves lapping the shore was a calming lullaby. But it was time to wake up the rest of the gang for some breakfast.

Before filling our tummies, here are some snapshots we got of the whole place in the early morning.

Decor made out of carved wood and wooden baskets adorned the eating area.

Another shot of this beautiful piece of art.

The lounge area with tents and wooden chairs and tables.

The view from the dining area.

Sky, mountain, sand, sea and a small stream makes this look like a painting.

Amado now awake and ready for another beach bumming session.

The sun bathing area where we spent the afternoon on the first day.

View from the covered area near the beach.

View of the beach in the early morning.

The beach actually has a sandbar where we did most of our swimming the day before. The water caught between the beach and the sandbar turned into a small stream which we had to cross to get to the sandbar. It was just a short distance but the thick seaweeds made it an exercise routine.

Although the picture may seem bleak, the beach without that many people was a tranquil site. We took our time gazing at it from the covered area as we decided what to eat for breakfast.

A different kind of bukayo for dessert.

The bukayo wrapper and contents.

One of the highlights of our breakfast was the dessert. It was bukayo, a delicacy usually made with coconut meat and sugar. It is usually shaped into small balls but this version was cut to thin squares and placed on top of a cut banana leaf for easier eating. Several of these pieces were then wrapped in a larger banana leaf container and tied up to seal.

This was plied by vendors who approached people along the beach. We didn't pay any attention to it at first but our driver insisted that we try it and that it was delicious. I thought it was suman but was surprised that it was bukayo.

It was really delicious and we would have wanted to buy some more as pasalubong but we couldn't see any vendors around the dining area.

Grace and Amado posing with their breakfast.

Not crystal balls but marble ones for decor.

It was our last day at the beach and we were sad to say goodbye. We will miss the tranquility we experienced for a weekend but our responsibilities back in the city awaits. We rode home with cheerful spirits and more pleasant moods. It was good to commune with nature and with each other from time to time.

We made a stopover to buy souvenirs. Unfortunately for us, there was an accident on the highway which had commuters stuck for almost 3 hours. The highway actually looked like a parking lot so we just killed time by chatting away. We got home late at night and tired but with good memories of our mini beach holiday.

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