Thursday, June 29, 2017

Exploring the "Death Pool" at Cabongaoan, Burgos, Pangasinan

Aside from enjoying all that the beach had to offer at Amayaj Bora Beach Resort, we were also open to exploring other places along the shore. We were told that there was a very deep part of the ocean near the shore that was named the "Death Pool". The grim name gave us doubts if we should go but we wanted adventure so we decided to visit the spot.

Sunset was the start of another adventure for us.

We had noticed that there were boats coming and going from the shore so we asked one of them if they knew about the place. We learned that they had been taking people to and from the spot. So for a fee of Php50 each, we made a deal with one of the boat owners. It was supposed to be better to go there at around 5pm when there were fewer visitors. So we enjoyed the beach as much as we could as we waited for the boat to get us.

When the sun started setting, our boat came to fetch us. We were provided with life jackets which was a relief because only one of us actually knew how to swim. As we sped along to our destination, we had fun catching the waves with our feet and getting wet in return as we watched the shoreline getting smaller and smaller.

Leaving behind our piece of beach for another adventure.

Of course, we had to take snapshots of ourselves during our boat ride. There was a lot of laughter as we tried to pose because the wind was strong, the boat went up and down and the water splashing every now and then made for funny reactions. It was almost impossible to take a photo and most of them were blurred but we did have one decent photo as we started leaving the shore.

The only decent photo during the rough boat ride.

The spot was just on the tip of the long shoreline so the boat ride was rather short. We took our first steps on the shore which happened to be made of corals. It was the deepest part of the ocean because although the water was clear there was a spot where the water was dark, almost black.

Visitors exploring various deep spots on this coral island.

We regret not wearing our slippers; only 2 of us did. The corals were wet and a slippery so it was a bit of a struggle to stay balanced as we walked around but we got the hang of it pretty quickly.

There was a spot inside were people were gathered around. It was a round pool which was really deep because the water looked black. Several men ventured into this pool but most stayed at the sides. Some who did dive went up rather quickly to confirm that it was indeed deep and dark and then they swam back to the sides. We only observed and dared not venture in ourselves.

A deep pool of water on the right side where we didn't dare to explore.

We moved out of the crowded place and found another spot beside the island where some corals can support us sitting down as our feet explored the water. So we did that taking our time to find a good spot to sit and hold on to.

A deep spot near the shore.

Trying to find corals with our feet where we can sit.

Seating complete so time for a pose.

Aside from the spot being dark and deep, the corals were also slippery so it was a bit of a struggle to get into a seated position. We had to sit as the waves were very strong and would have taken us to the deeper part of the water if we didn't hold on to something on shore. But after awhile we were able to sit for a pose.

Other folks exploring the shore as we enjoyed the water.

The sun going down as we enjoyed ourselves.

Trying out how deep the spot us with our legs.

Before long, it was time to go as the sun was setting fast so we made our way to our boat.

On our way back to our piece of beach.

Going back to the boat was a challenge as the strong waves made it bob up and down in the water so we did have a mini workout balancing ourselves to get on it. Finally, we were on our way back to our portion of beach and we enjoyed swimming in the shallower part of the ocean once more.

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