Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Fun Under the Sun at Amayaj Bora Beach Resort, Cabongaoan, Burgos, Pangasinan

Our summer would not be complete without a beach adventure so we looked for a new destination to explore. This time around, Kala and Karin found a beach spot in Pangasinan. We also found Amayaj Bora Beach Resort which had great reviews from those who have tried their amenities already.

Posing at the signage in front of the beach.

We just wanted a decent place which provided the basic amenities for comfort and convenience. So we booked our stay and were on our way to see if the long travel time was worth it. Our travel started very early in the morning and we were treated to some awesome views along the way. Upon arriving in Burgos, Pangasinan, a different kind of landscape greeted us as well.

Still along the highway, this last stopover gave us a glimpse of what to expect at the beach resort. This facility was small but had an ATM, a small convenience store and an eatery if you need to get something in your tummy. It also offered a great preview of the beach destinations in the area.

Our last stopover before getting off the highway towards our destination.

This boat in a bright color seems to beckon us to ride it toward the hills in the distance.

After adjusting the angle of my device, the blue of the ocean looks even more inviting.

To get to our destination, we left the highway and followed a route which had patches of unpaved road in between cemented sections. We were thankful that we were in an airconditioned van so we didn't suffer from all the dust.

Our destination is really new and not yet as popular as some beaches in Pangasinan because aside from the roads being rough, the scenery we passed along the way looked bleak with withered trees and patches of dry land and brown grass. It was summer after all so everything looked dry. But it also looked untouched by man-made structures and for this alone, it was a welcome site to see.

Natural scenery that gives one a feeling of freedom and tranquility.

Compared to the congested atmosphere of the city, the vast expanse of land with nothing but nature and some cows, horses and goats grazing in the meadows gave a feeling of freedom and a sense of tranquility. Just watching the scenery go by was restful to our eyes despite the clouds of dust here and there and the bumpy ride then and now. Occasionally, some wooden houses obstructed the view but otherwise nature's display was vast and grand until we took the final turn to the beach.

When we finally arrived at our destination, we had to do the obligatory pose at the resort's signage which was placed in front of the beach.

Yes! We have arrived.

Another pose in case the first one was blurry.

Another shot which was supposed to be candid but didn't look that way at all.

Amayaj Bora Beach Resort has only a small parking space which can fit about 2 vans. But there were parking spaces beside the road for more vehicles. You also need to go down a rather steep and long set of stairs to go down to the beach which the owner jokingly calls a "walkalator."

Beside the walkator is a transient house which can accommodate up to 25 persons. It has airconditioned rooms, it's own toilet and bath and kitchen and it offered a view of the coastline from a very high place. This can be rented by a huge group of people who want to have their own beach party for example.

We passed by the transient house as we carried all our travel essentials and luggage to and from the van, using the walkalator to get to our beach cottage and back again so it was a whole body workout. The workout was worth it however when we finally saw the beach and we immediately snapped some pics with the signage after we had settled all our stuff down.

It was hot but this didn't stop our fellow beach goers from enjoying themselves.

A tranquil scene like this one is already a good reward for leaving the hustle and bustle of the city.

Our accommodation was an airy nipa hut with a double decker bed which can accommodate 4 people. It also has a sala section which can accommodate 2 people when using the benches as beds. The bedroom portion also has an electric fan in case you want more cooling options but we found that it wasn't necessary.

A common area for cooking and washing dishes is provided and there were an ample number of comfort rooms for all the beach goers. The cooking areas even has a separate section for grilling so you just have to bring your own tinder. If using the gas stove for cooking, you only need to pay an additional Php200. The water does stop late at night until early morning but there is a poso where you can pump out water from a deep well.

There are also several tables and benches so you can eat right in front of the beach. You can even pitch your tent on the beach as well for an additional fee. If you have some things you need to buy for cooking or for a night of drinking, there are a number of sari-sari stores nearby with these supplies. Drinking water can be bought per container equivalent to the blue, rectangular, large gallon with a spout from your local water bottle stations.

So if you're looking for a new beach destination with adequate amenities for your beach bumming needs while maintaining a relaxing atmosphere for chilling out with friends and family, then  head on to this resort. We will surely be back here bringing new friends along with us.

The beach and amenities are not the only thing to appreciate in this resort though. On the next post, I will show you another feature of this place that you can explore.

Amayaj Bora Beach Resort
Facebook: Amayaj Bora Beach Resort
Location: Cabongaoan, Burgos, Pangasinan

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