Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Kala and Karin Soak in The Sunshine on A Roadtrip

Kala and Karin have been on many road trips; some short, some quite long and even boring. Through all these trips, we have learned that the journey itself has its own rewards and attractions. 

Is that a meteorite speeding across the sky? Is that a volcano erupting in the distance?

On this particular journey, our destination was quite far away and so we needed to start our trip very early in the morning, at 3AM. This meant that we were sleepy or asleep as soon as we got on the van. A few hours later, we were witness to the spectacle of the sunrise. It happens every day but we seldom appreciate its beauty. Since we had the scene unfolding right before our eyes, we could not help but click away.

Witnessing the birth of a new day is not always on our list of To Do's each day because most of us hardly see the sky until we go out of the house. But on a road trip, the lonely highway provides an awesome perspective.

The sun peeking thru and illuminating this river.

It was brighter than any light bulb and made me look away but it was hard to not look at it again.

The golden glow bathes this peaceful view.

If we didn't know it was the sun, we would think this was a fire ravaging farms in the distance.

A last look before the dawn turns into day.

Of course, we weren't just awed by the sight of an actual sunrise and soaked in the sunshine. There were lots of farms and clumps of trees along the way on both sides of the highway. But our vehicle was going too fast for us to take decent pictures of the resting or grazing farm animals or the scenic fields and interesting structures.

However, the imposing features of nature are easier to take pictures of from a distance even thru a speeding car's window. So after the birth of day, the next awesome part of nature we witnessed that morning was this mountain providing the backdrop for many scenes. I apologize, but I do not know the name of this mountain. I just know it was beautiful to behold.

The mountain that seems to be guarding this vast field of green as it floats on clouds.

The mountain that makes me want to stay awhile and stare at this scene.

This mountain that seems to fade away into the sky.

I actually took lots of pictures with most of them ending up blurry so these were the more decent ones. My mobile phone was used for these pictures but I'm sure a good camera would have produced even more stunning results.

That said, what's more important are the memories that I have of these scenes. I'm sure no camera can capture the awesomeness of these moments as much as our eyes and minds did.

I know we will pass thru this way again on another destination. I'm sure nature will present us with a different perspective of it's beauty that time as well.

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