Wednesday, July 19, 2017

An Afternoon with Flowers at The Sunflower Maze, Pangasinan

Following our stopover at the Our Lady of Manaoag Church, we headed to The Sunflower Maze located at Brgy. C. Lichauco, Tayug, Pangasinan. This is quite a long way from the beach where we came from so that's why we went to the church first.

One of the most picturesque spot in the whole maze.

Even though it was a cloudy afternoon, there was still enough sunlight to take great pictures with the flowers in the maze. I actually didn't explore the whole maze as we just went to and fro hunting for good spots to take pictures. (Of course, more pictures after the jump.)

There was a slight drizzle when we arrived at the parking lot and the ground was not cemented so it was a bit muddy. We waited for the drizzle to stop before venturing out. We trooped to the path where the entrance was but were redirected to where ticket stubs were sold. We got our stubs, got stamped on our wrist at the entrance and proceeded to be amazed.

A map of the whole maze and someone hiding amongst the blooms?

I can imagine a bride walking thru this path to the altar at a wedding.

A closer look at these yellow blooms.

Looks like our flower delivery duo has just arrived.

Nice use of an old car.

I love how it looks like it's spilling flowers from the back.

I saw several spots that would be great for group pictures so I rounded up the guys and had them pose at these spots. Sorry guys but I do need to practice my picture-taking skills.

These guys look like they're about to drop an album.

A groupfie in the garden.

Another album cover perhaps?

There is a section of the garden with flowers in my two favorite colors: purple and pink. So I had to have a selfie.

Blooms in my fave colors.

A bloomin' selfie.

At the time we went there, the entrance fee was Php100 per person so it's quite cheap to be able to enjoy such a pretty sight. Of course, you are not supposed to pick the flowers but you can buy them; you just need to inform the attendants first.

If you get hungry after exploring the maze, there are food stands selling turon, banana cue, chips and beverages just outside the entrance. Unfortunately for us, we had to cut our exploration short because it started to rain again. Also, the sunflowers were not in full bloom anymore as it was already noon but the rest of the flowers were still displayed in all their prettiness.

This was the last stop in our Pangasinan weekend getaway and it was a great way to end our trip. If you are going to visit this maze, I recommend going there earlier in the morning up to lunch time when the sunflowers are in full bloom. Just bring a hat or an umbrella and a fan to lessen the effect of the midday heat.

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