Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Appreciating Nature and Visiting Our Lady of Manaoag Church

After an overnight beach escapade, it was time to head back home. This time, we were able to better appreciate the natural scenery unfolding before us as we traversed the dusty path back to the city.

A piece of the beach reminds us of our previous day's adventures.

So what scenic spots did we see along the way? We took pictures to remember them although these are not enough to show how vast and pretty they are in real life.

Since we were saying goodbye to the beach resort, we took one last snapchat of the big tire and the small nipa hut which served as the registration booth. These 2 were the landmarks telling travelers that they had arrived at the resort.

The 2 signs to look out for to reach the beach resort.

After this, I was busy taking snapshots of the tranquil scenery. I even asked the driver to stop at certain spots so I can take clearer pictures.

We took a different path on our way out of the beach resort as we had learned that there was actually a shorter route to exit from. However, the longer route we took the day before is the more convenient one for travelers coming from the same location as we did.

Green trees in the distance and drying grass under the summer sun.

More trees and a field of brown grass.

A pretty spot where the land and the sea are clear on the horizon.

I could stare at this scene for several hours.

This was one spot where we had to stop to take pictures.

There were many farm animals along the way. Some cows and horses were resting under the trees by themselves or as a group. Some were grazing in the fields, especially goats. There was even a family of black goats with white patches who were resting along the road side and we had to slow down to make sure that we didn't harm any of them as we passed by.

Can you count how many goats there are in this picture?

It was lunch time when we reached the highway so we looked for a carinderia along the way and enjoyed our lunch there. Then it was time to visit Our Lady of Manaoag Church in Poblacion, Pangasinan.

The wide and long walkway to the church.

The weather was very warm when we arrived and so it was easy to take a picture of the church and its gates without visitors. I just had to look like a fool standing alone in front of it, in the middle of the walkway, under the heat of the midday sun.

After taking this picture, we all went inside and wandered inside the church and on the grounds individually. I found an area inside the church where there was a statue of the Virgin Mary and not many people around. There was also a bench to sit on. So I rested there for a while as I was feeling out of breath and weak from walking under the midday sun and I was also nursing an upset stomach.

I just enjoyed the silence and greeted the church goers who came. They all smiled at me so I just smiled back. I had a colorful dress on and a brightly colored scarf so I must have made quite an unusual figure compared to the muted church walls. However, when I looked up the church ceiling also had bright colors so I guess I wasn't out of place.

The church's colorful and lavish ceiling.

After resting and meditating for a while it was time to explore the grounds. We didn't have much time to attend a whole mass so we just decided to light a candle at the shrine. It is believed that when you light a candle and say a prayer to The Lady of Manaoag, your prayers will be granted.

Floating candles at the back of the figure.

Floating candles at the front of the figure.

A closer look at all the floating candles.

There were so many people that it was hard to take pictures and most young ones were taking selfies in front of the figure so I couldn't take a proper picture. I just gave up and instead bought some candles, lighted them and said my prayers.

A place for lighting candles surrounded the statue of the Virgin Mary. This is a large area so we just found a spot there to place our candles as did many people.

We all met up in this area and when our prayers were done, we went back to our van. We rested a bit because the walk back to the van was a sweaty routine. When we were ready, we settled ourselves in anticipation of our next destination.

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