Monday, July 20, 2020

H-Art Space: Art Therapy for Inner Healing

A lot has happened this year and while I'm stuck at home, let me recall some memorable events from the past 6 months. One of them is the Love @ HArt Opening Party for the HArt Space Center organized by the Philippine Academy of Intuitives (PAInt).

Tiger - one of Maya's latest art work.
Tiger - one of Maya's latest art work.  |  Source: Maya

The party itself was quite festive but the highlight of the event was the art therapy session conducted by Maya Banawa who owns H-Art Space. Maya provides art therapy sessions for kids and adults alike. You can book a session with her individually or as a group too. You don't need to be good at drawing or painting and she provides all the art materials for each session. You only need to bring yourself, open your mind and heart, be in the moment and let Maya guide you through the process.

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Confusing the Signs: What's Really My Zodiac Sign?

Hello blogosphere! Hello once again that is. A couple of years have passed by since my last post here. More than a couple of things have happened which changed my life drastically. That really kept me busy and unable to update this poor blog of mine. But this quarantine period has given me plenty of time to reflect on many things; one of which is to start writing here again.

I post anew with a very (not really) controversial issue that recently came to light (in my eyes at least).

13 Zodiacs
Source: CNN

This pandemic has forced everyone to reevaluate their lives. While we are in the middle of trying to adapt to the planet-wide changes in our daily routines and trying to figure out how to make do and eventually rebuild, our health care and economic systems (to name just the most critical ones at the moment); a cosmological event had occurred which has been ignored for so long.