Saturday, July 18, 2020

Confusing the Signs: What's Really My Zodiac Sign?

Hello blogosphere! Hello once again that is. A couple of years have passed by since my last post here. More than a couple of things have happened which changed my life drastically. That really kept me busy and unable to update this poor blog of mine. But this quarantine period has given me plenty of time to reflect on many things; one of which is to start writing here again.

I post anew with a very (not really) controversial issue that recently came to light (in my eyes at least).

13 Zodiacs
Source: CNN

This pandemic has forced everyone to reevaluate their lives. While we are in the middle of trying to adapt to the planet-wide changes in our daily routines and trying to figure out how to make do and eventually rebuild, our health care and economic systems (to name just the most critical ones at the moment); a cosmological event had occurred which has been ignored for so long.

News or rumor of the 12 zodiacs now being 13 has long circulated on the web. I didn't really take notice of it until a friend of mine posted an article about it on my newsfeed just today.

Now that I have the time to think about it; is changing my zodiac sign another cause for a major, and drastic change in my life? Will it invalidate all my previous excuses for my personality being so because of my zodiac sign now that it turns out I misidentified my sign? Did I actually misidentify my sign?

New Star Signs
Source: Lifestyle

My friend had the same concerns and seemed really bothered that they had to change their zodiac sign. I was quite hesitant to identify with my new zodiac sign too because I was quite fond of my original one.

I can understand the hesitation, concern and even alarm. After all, asking people to change their zodiac sign is like asking them to switch to a different personality; which is tantamount to asking someone to be another person, really.

After some thought, I think I won't have to, and don't really want to worry about which zodiac sign is really true to me and my personality for the following reasons:

  • If you're old enough, your personality is pretty much set. I don't think a sudden change in your zodiac sign will affect you that much.
  • I think most people are mildly schizophrenic. (Don't we talk to ourselves sometimes? Please tell me it's not just me.) If so, then my conclusion is that we actually swing from one zodiac sign to another, just as we can swing from one emotion to another or jump from one thought to another. What I mean by this, is that if you are a Cancer, then you can sometimes act like a Gemini or a Leo (your wing signs).
  • At this point in time, everyone is going through a major life change. I think accepting a change in zodiac sign isn't too much compared to having to adapt to the new normal.

So what's your new zodiac sign? Are you ok with it or does it upset you at all? I would like to know your thoughts.

P.S. This of course is just something to fill your time and distract you briefly from whatever is giving you negative vibes at the moment. Worked for me. Hope it works for you. (I'm not even sure that someone will stumble on this post, any time soon.)

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