Monday, July 20, 2020

H-Art Space: Art Therapy for Inner Healing

A lot has happened this year and while I'm stuck at home, let me recall some memorable events from the past 6 months. One of them is the Love @ HArt Opening Party for the HArt Space Center organized by the Philippine Academy of Intuitives (PAInt).

Tiger - one of Maya's latest art work.
Tiger - one of Maya's latest art work.  |  Source: Maya

The party itself was quite festive but the highlight of the event was the art therapy session conducted by Maya Banawa who owns H-Art Space. Maya provides art therapy sessions for kids and adults alike. You can book a session with her individually or as a group too. You don't need to be good at drawing or painting and she provides all the art materials for each session. You only need to bring yourself, open your mind and heart, be in the moment and let Maya guide you through the process.

Before I share my experience, here's a showcase of some of Maya's latest paintings. (All photos from her.)

A couple of us participated in the art therapy session during the event. Here are some images of our results.

The result of our art therapy session.
The result of our art therapy session.

The foremost painting was done by me. I was just choosing the colors randomly, drawing without a plan and came up with this as a result. The one in the middle was what I started with. However, a little kid suddenly sat down on my lap, took the brush from my hand and started doodling on my painting. I wasn't really bothered by it so I just helped him steady his hand as he picked colors and started drawing.

The third painting looked much prettier to me and made more sense. It was done by another young participant who obviously had better painting skills than me. 😉

Anyway, if you looked at how these 3 are laid out; it would seem as though mine was the germination of the idea, the middle one is the Universe making things happen. Of course, it's abstract since we don't know exactly how it goes about creating things. The third one is of course the idea already manifested in reality. I just saw the relationship of these 3 as I'm writing this, actually.

Seriously though, Maya helped us to understand how our paintings related to us individually. Now, this will depend on each person's circumstances and life experiences so I'd rather you experience that for yourself.

Group picture with Maya after we finished our paintings.
Group picture with Maya after we finished our paintings.  |  Source: Maya

I have always wanted to express my creative side and this session helped me indulged that. More importantly, this was not only therapeutic. I not only revisited my childhood dreams of playing with colors and shapes on paper; it also shed light on some of the lessons I needed to learn from my experiences as a child. With these lessons, I had more clarity towards my intentions in my life going forward.

This art therapy session is not only focused on expressing yourself through art. It also encourages you to know more about yourself and express yourself more openly -- without judgment from other people. It was quite a fun and liberating experience.

At the end of the session, Maya lead us through a meditation of gratitude and affirmations of our new and renewed intentions.

We begin the art therapy session with a brief meditation to set our intentions.
We end the art therapy session with a brief meditation.  |  Source: Maya

I had a one-on-one art therapy session with Maya after this. Since we were on quarantine, we did it online. I didn't have art materials at hand but pen and paper worked just as well. Maya guided me through the process and I gained new insights about myself and my experiences once more. 

That's me and my drawings on the poster. 😊

H-Art Space: Home in Arts
H-Art Space: Home in Arts  |  Source: Maya

Aside from conducting art therapy, Maya also creates customized paintings for individuals based on their spirit animals - just like the tiger painting above. 

To book a session with Maya or for inquiries, get in touch with her through the details below.

H-Art Space

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