Tuesday, October 13, 2020

It's Christmas Time in the City

After all the quarantine hoops we had to go through, some of us are already thinking that Christmas season is going to be cancelled. Usually, once the "ber" months start, people get excited about the holidays and malls also start putting up decorations. 

Christmas trees and decor abound in the mall.

I checked out one of the biggest malls and checked to see for signs of the Christmas spirit. I'm happy to report that the holiday spirit is still alive and well.

Many people are wishing that this year be over but I still look forward to the holiday season. There is a hopeful and positive atmosphere during the holidays. It's the kind of atmosphere that we need right now in these trying times.

I know big businesses commercialize the holidays. What I'm counting on however is the true spirit of the season which is giving, sharing, and rekindling hopes and blessings for the coming new year.

Red, blue, gold, silver and green are the holiday colors.

Also, I think we do need to revitalize our economy so malls still being able to operate as usual is good news. That means people are getting back their jobs and earning and will be able to contribute back to the economy when they spend.

With the holiday season, the rainy season also turns up. It's the right weather to go around in warm clothing and check out the Christmas decorations. The streets should be lined up with bright lights already so traveling is a scenic experience.

At home, it's good to curl up with a warm cup of hot chocolate and plan how to go about decorating your house for the holidays as Christmas songs are playing in the background.

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